In March of 2018, Adobe announced that it would be shutting down its Business Catalyst platform and no longer accepting new websites after June 18, 2018. There are over 1.8 billion websites currently on the internet and while only around 0.1% of them use Business Catalyst, that still means that roughly 1.8 million websites will need to be migrated elsewhere.

If your website is NOT powered by Adobe Business Catalyst, you have nothing to be concerned about and you can stop reading.

If your website IS powered by Adobe Business Catalyst, you need to start mapping out a game plan. On March 26, 2021, the platform will be shut down and all websites/data on it will be removed. This means that by March 26, 2021, your website needs to be off their platform and launched onto a different platform.

You can wait until that deadline to get a new website online if you’d like, however, we highly suggest getting started much sooner. Why invest more time and money into your Business Catalyst website if it’s going to be turned off?

How to migrate away from Adobe Business Catalyst

Step 1: Get in touch

Unless you have the expertise to handle this in-house, you’ll want to get in touch with a professional that can get you migrated over to a platform like WordPress.

Step 2: Review

Are you happy with your website and you just need to migrate it, exactly as it looks/functions, to a new platform? That’s pretty straightforward.

Is your website outdated and you need to get a revamped version of it online? If yes, a more detailed conversation should occur to ensure that your website turns out awesome.

Step 3: Migrate

When your site is ready, you’ll have a chance to review it before it’s launched. Any changes or final edits can be made and then it’ll go live and replace your Business Catalyst website.

Step 4: Ongoing support and growth

Choose a reliable partner that will not only build your website, but will also maintain it on an ongoing basis. It’s extremely helpful to have someone available in case any questions or issues pop up down the road.
CyberOptik is ready to help users migrate away from Business Catalyst and get onto WordPress, a stable and growing platform/content management system. We’ll make sure your website is super easy to manage so you can focus on what you do best. Get in touch today.