A well-structured, user-friendly library website is a vital asset for any modern library. It serves as a virtual extension of your physical space and provides an essential platform for patrons to access resources and services.

Library websites house vast amounts of information, and the challenge often lies in presenting this in a way that is easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, libraries are responsible for being accessible to everyone, so ADA compliance is paramount. At CyberOptik, we specialize in developing websites that address the unique needs of libraries.

If you plan to redesign your library website, drawing inspiration from the best in the field is an excellent starting point. In this post, we’ve curated a selection of top library websites that excel in accessibility, user engagement, ease of navigation, and search features.

Examples of the Best Library Website Designs

  1. Acorn Public LibraryThe website of Acorn Public Library is a well-designed and user-friendly platform that caters to the demands of its visitors. The homepage’s colorful and inviting color scheme quickly draws attention, creating an enjoyable environment for viewers. The simple design allows users to navigate all sections and access the library’s services and resources efficiently. The library’s dedication to community engagement is evident in its well-organized events area, which features diverse programs for various age groups and interests. Their website successfully connects the library with its community, transforming it into a vital resource for study, discovery, and entertainment.Accra library website homepage.
  2. Elmhurst Public Library: The Elmhurst Public Library website seamlessly blends traditional library services with digital innovation, creating a vibrant and inclusive online space for the community. The website homepage immediately draws attention with a visually appealing framework highlighting key information and upcoming activities. Its user-friendly interface, a vast collection of resources, commitment to community engagement, and dedication to accessibility make it a valuable platform for patrons to explore, learn, and connect. Whether embarking on a literary adventure, participating in virtual programs, or accessing digital resources, their website is a testament to the library’s unwavering mission of enriching lives through knowledge and community.A website design for the elmhurst public library.
  3. Fountaindale Public Library: Its clean and modern website design makes it stand out, creating a more inviting and vibrant ambiance for visitors. It offers a seamless user experience with its intuitive design and easy navigation. The website provides diverse offerings, including access to the library’s catalog, e-books, audiobooks, research databases, and educational resources. It also highlights upcoming events, workshops, and programs catering to various age groups and interests. The website notably features a disability button making a significant impact in making the website more accessible to all users, regardless of their disabilities. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive offerings made its website a  valuable digital space promoting community learning, connection, and personal growth.The homepage of the library website.
  4. Greenwich Library: Their website leaves an outstanding and impressive online presence for book lovers and library enthusiasts, as it uses a sleek and modern design with an engaging, high-quality image, consistent vibrant color palette, and straightforward typography throughout its website. The homepage attributes a clean and organized layout that showcases easy access to key resources such as the library catalog, digital collection, and research database. The events and programs section showcases diverse activities for all age groups, keeping the community engaged. Moreover, the Greenwich Library website is a must-visit for anyone seeking a vibrant online library experience.Authorlive for kids wordpress theme.
  5. Hinsdale Public Library: The website is a literary haven with enthralling articles, book recommendations, and academic conversations. The website blends eye-catching aesthetics with helpful material. Eye-catching imagery enriches the reading experience by transporting readers to imaginative worlds and inspiring awe. The meticulously picked visuals create an immersive experience that entices readers to continue exploring. With its user-friendly design, immersive imagery, and commitment to inclusivity, the website serves as a gateway to a world of literary exploration and community engagement.The homepage of the hindsdale space to learn.
  6. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: The website of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh acts as a portal to a vast collection of literary gems. Finding the perfect book or resource is a breeze thanks to user-friendly search capabilities and straightforward navigation. The website’s visually appealing design complements its rich content. Engaging visuals, thoughtful typography, and a well-organized layout create an inviting atmosphere for visitors. The website gleams with its interactive and educational features that make learning fun. The library promotes a culture of lifelong learning and inquiry through virtual workshops, online courses, digital exhibitions, and creative projects.A website for a children's library.
  7. Chicago Public Library: The website showcases the library’s impressive collection, allowing users to easily search for books, e-books, audiobooks, and other resources. Finding your next literary journey becomes a pleasurable experience with a seamless and easy user interface. The visually pleasing layout and fascinating visuals provide an inviting environment, enticing visitors to immerse themselves in the realm of literature and exploration. The website also offers a variety of exciting programs and events for people of all ages, ranging from author talks and book clubs to workshops and virtual exhibitions. The library encourages a sense of connection and lifelong learning through various projects, inviting users to engage, discover, and grow.A screen shot of the october selection on the october october october .
  8. Penns Library: The University of Pennsylvania Library embraces the simple and classy way of showcasing the wealth of resources and services offered by one of the leading academic libraries in the world. The website’s simple design makes navigation an absolute breeze, allowing users to easily explore the enormous collections, specialized libraries, and digital resources. The website highlights the library’s innovative digital activities, including open-access publishing, data visualization, and digital humanities programs. The website is a testament to the University of Pennsylvania Library’s mission of advancing knowledge and empowering intellectual exploration.University of pennsylvania passport to the penn libraries.
  9. Westerville Public Library: The website’s intelligent and welcoming design draws attention instantaneously, setting the tone for a user-friendly educational platform. Their homepage presents a wealth of resources, events, and services in an organized and visually appealing layout, making it easy for visitors to locate what they want. The website boasts an extensive digital collection, providing access to e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and streaming media, ensuring that library users can access their favorite materials anytime, anywhere. The website also includes helpful tools such as online catalog search, account management features, and personalized reading recommendations.A green and white website for a library.
  10. Orange County Library: In a world where information overload can be overwhelming, the Orange County Library System website shines as a digital oasis, offering a treasure trove of knowledge, creativity, and community engagement. With its user-friendly and sleek design, extensive catalog, and diverse range of online services and programs, the website exemplifies the modern library experience, catering to the needs of users from all walks of life. Whether you’re a bookworm, a lifelong learner, or a community enthusiast, the Orange County Library System website opens the doors to boundless possibilities and invites you to embark on an enriching journey of discovery.A web page for the library's website.
  11. The City Library: The website of the Salt Lake City Public Library provides a digital portal to a world of knowledge, creativity, and community engagement. The website’s clean and intuitive design welcomes users with open arms, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. The homepage makes it simple to navigate to other features, such as catalog search, account management, and event listings. The powerful and effective search function makes locating specific titles or discovering new ones simple. Furthermore, the website offers helpful tools and recommendations to assist visitors in finding the appropriate book for their reading enjoyment.The city library website.
  12. ​​New York Public Library:  The website’s design is elegant and welcoming, with a clean layout and straightforward navigation that allows users to explore its extensive options easily. The website’s vast collection of digital resources is one of its most notable features. The New York Public Library offers a wide range of digital products that can be accessed online, including e-books, audiobooks, music, and films. Additionally, the website features a user-friendly account system that allows visitors to create personalized profiles, manage borrowed materials, and save their favorite resources. Additionally, the website features a user-friendly account system that will enable visitors to create customized profiles, manage borrowed materials, and keep their favorite resources.The homepage of the bannan books for all website.
  13. Scottdale Public Library: The website’s design is visually appealing, with a modern and clean layout, making navigation intuitive and effortless. The website’s comprehensive event calendar is a standout feature. It offers various programs, courses, and community events for people of all ages. Users can look up future events, sign up for them, and even access virtual programs, building a sense of community and lifelong learning. With its user-friendly design, numerous resources, and dedication to accessibility and community engagement, it serves as a portal to knowledge, enrichment, and connectivity.The homepage of the new york times cooking website.
  14. California State Library: Their website interface is clean and well-organized, making it simple for visitors to explore and discover the information they seek. The website, in particular, highlights its broad collection of materials and services. It gives users access to various digital and physical materials, including books, magazines, newspapers, and historical records. A noteworthy aspect of the California State Library website is their allegiance to literacy and education is exceptional. It also includes programs and initiatives that promote reading, learning, and information access for people of all ages, enabling access to knowledge and fostering lifelong learning.The homepage of a website with books and a river.
  15. LA County Library:  Clean and modern design manifests their website with consistent use of vibrant, high-quality imageries, straightforward typography, and ample use of white spaces, making site navigation more aesthetic. One of the standout features of the website is its extensive collection of digital resources. Another impressive aspect of its website is its emphasis on accessibility providing options for users with visual impairments, including text-to-speech functionality and adjustable font sizes. The website is also available in multiple languages, catering to the diverse population of Los Angeles County. The website successfully reflects the library’s mission to empower and enrich the lives of the residents of Los Angeles County through access to knowledge and cultural resources.The website for la county libraries.
  16. Thomas Ford Memorial Library:  Their website captures attention with its sleek, visually appealing design and carefully selected imagery. Its stunning photographs and engaging typography build an immersive and memorable browsing experience for visitors. It exceptionally bridges the gap between traditional library services and the digital age. It serves as a vibrant hub for community engagement, offering an array of events, book clubs, and educational programs. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface features an intuitive and well-organized navigation menu that enables easy and convenient access to a wealth of knowledge from the comfort of one’s home. Thus, whether you’re an avid reader, a history buff, or a lifelong learner, the website invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration.Thomas ford memorial library website.
  17. Library of Congress: The Library of Congress website is an enthralling and intelligent platform that brings this renowned institution’s vast collection and expertise to life. The homepage stuns as it features a clean and visually appealing design, with prominent search options and highlights of the library’s exhibits and successful events. The website’s vast array of content is one of its distinguishing aspects. Users can access millions of digital materials and research a wide range of topics, from history and culture to science and literature. Their website also excels at presenting complex topics in a reader-friendly format, making it accessible to professionals and enthusiasts. Thus, the library’s extensive collection and commitment to conserving and sharing information with the world outperform its goal.The homepage of a library wordpress theme.
  18. Internet Archive: When you visit their site, it greets visitors with a straightforward, clear design emphasizing content over flashy images. It is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. A clean and user-friendly interface makes it more entrancing in navigation and exploration. The Wayback Machine features pave the way, enabling users to travel back in time and view snapshots of websites from different periods. Sustaining its mission to preserve and provide open access to our digital heritage is genuinely commendable, giving open access to an invaluable resource for researchers, history enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the evolution of our digital world.A screen shot of the internet history website.
  19. WorldCat: WorldCat is a unique online platform that opens the doors to a vast network of libraries, connecting book enthusiasts to an extensive collection of materials. It has a simple yet elegant design, intuitive interface, and robust search function, allowing users to quickly find materials based on title, author, subject, or keyword and its ability to search for items in nearby libraries, making it convenient for users to locate physical copies of books and other materials. Moreover, WorldCat guides every user on an exciting journey of discovery with an immersive experience that brings libraries from around the world to their fingertips.The homepage of worldcat.
  20. HathiTrus Digital Library: HathiTrust is a not-for-profit collaborative of academic and research libraries preserving 17+ million digitized items, making it one of the largest digital libraries in the world. Their website is more than a digital library; it’s an extraordinary portal to the world of knowledge. Its vast collection, collaborative preservation efforts, user-friendly features, neat design, and a wealth of public domain resources invite visitors to embark on a captivating journey of intellectual exploration. It offers boundless treasures of literature and knowledge, all from the comfort of a visitor’s digital device.A website with a picture of a woman and a child.
  21. Calgary Public Library: Modern and inviting aesthetic exudes on its website with vibrant imagery, well-organized sections, and a color palette of soft blues and whites, creating a calming atmosphere and enhancing the browsing experience. Throughout the website, aesthetically rich photography gives depth and fascination to the written content. It offers a wealth of engaging and informative content and effectively captures the essence of a modern library while inviting visitors to explore its offerings and engage with its vibrant community.A website with pictures of children in a library.
  22. OverDrive, Inc: OverDrive, Inc. is a digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines, and streaming video titles. The company provides digital rights management and download fulfillment services for publishers, libraries, schools, corporations, and book retailers. Upon landing on its homepage, digital readers and book lovers will be dazzled by its visually appealing layout, the color scheme of blues and crisp white; sleek and user-friendly interface creates a professional ambiance, reflecting the site’s commitment to providing high-quality digital content. Thus, their website offers a comprehensive platform for accessing and enjoying digital content.The homepage of overdrive.
  23. Ex Libris Group: The website radiates a professional and modern vibe, with a clean and well-organized layout that promptly draws the attention of its target audience. The company’s experience and commitment to assisting libraries and academic institutions in their digital transformation journeys set a standard on the website. Through insightful material and well-crafted imagery, Ex Libris Group shows unique solutions, such as library management systems, discovery platforms, and research support tools. The website effectively showcases and serves as a valuable hub for professionals and enthusiasts in the library industry, providing them with the tools and information they need to thrive in a digital age.A screen shot of the library's website.
  24. Bibliocommons: Modern and warm design that sets the tone for their library experience would welcome visitors from the moment they land on the site. Their website presents a visually engaging and user-friendly website that caters to the needs of library patrons. Adding interactive elements to their site, such as user reviews, ratings, and personalized suggestions, adds a social component to the browsing experience, making it more exciting and personalized. Moreover, the website improves the library experience for users by providing a visually appealing design, user-friendly navigation, and interactive elements, promoting community engagement and enabling convenient access to a wide range of resources.A screen shot of a website for a public library.
  25. Goodreads: The Goodreads website is a book lover’s paradise, with a plethora of features that transform the reading experience into a vibrant and engaging community. The strength of Goodreads is its emphasis on community connection, which allows users to join groups, participate in conversations, and share their love of books. The platform also includes features for keeping track of reading progress, setting goals, and managing virtual bookshelves. With its clean, inviting, and seamless integration with e-book platforms, curated book lists, and author events, Goodreads has become a vital destination for readers, combining social networking aspects with a vast library of user-generated content to build a shared passion for books.Go reads is a website that allows you to meet your next favorite book.

These websites set the standard in library web design. They masterfully combine ADA compliance, intuitive navigation, and efficient search features. They make it simple for patrons to find resources, understand services, and engage with the library’s offerings.

Just like these leading libraries, your institution deserves a superior website that meets all your needs: engaging design, easy navigation, ADA compliance, user-friendly search features, and a backend that allows for hassle-free content updates.

At CyberOptik, we’re experts at creating websites tailored to libraries’ unique needs. We ensure that your site is ADA-compliant, features printer-friendly pages, and is easy for your team to update in-house.

Our goal is to craft a top-tier website that looks professional and functions seamlessly to support your library’s mission. By blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, we’ll create a site that effectively connects with your patrons and enhances their library experience.

Reach out to CyberOptik today. Let’s discuss how we can collaborate to make your online presence as robust and user-friendly as your physical library. We’re excited to help you leverage the power of web design to engage your patrons and make a lasting impact in your community.