In January 2017, Google began marking sites without HTTPS as not being secure. If your website has any type of form on it, whether a subscribe box or a contact form, Chrome may put a warning in the address bar.  This includes every WordPress website since you use a form to log into the WordPress admin panel.

What is HTTPS?
HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP and adds encryption between a website and the user browsing it, so information can’t be corrupted/stolen.

So, I just set up SSL?
The first part of getting your website to run over HTTPS is to have your web host set up an SSL certificate, but that’s not it. You need to make sure that all files on your website are being pulled via HTTPS, otherwise, your browser can still show mixed content warnings.

What Will Happen to HTTP Websites?
Chrome currently shows an icon in the address bar to mark websites that are not secure as they load.

On pages with forms, Chrome will add the words “Not secure” as the user starts entering information. In the future, other browsers plan to do the same. Any website with a form that isn’t classified as HTTPS is marked not secure.

Why Else Should You Convert Your Site To HTTPS?
#1. The above reasoning should be enough 🙂
#2. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, HTTPS gives you a slight boost
#3. It’s a great way to increase consumer confidence in your brand

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