A lot of businesses start a blog without any kind of real plan developed. It is easy to start a blog and just start posting. However, there are some important steps involved in planning for a successful blog. One of the biggest decisions to make is the voice of your blog. An effective blog requires a clear and consistent voice used across every post. Consistency will contribute to establishing a solid brand name, and a solid brand is what will establish trust with your customers.

The Elements of a Blog Voice

So, exactly what is a “blog voice”? It sounds pretty simple, but is made up of a number of different elements like personality of your blog, your beliefs, tone of “voice”, writing style and the type of content you publish. Some important questions to ask can include:

  • Is your blog going to be factual or highly opinionated?
  • What kind of values will it speak to?
  • Is the tone of writing going to be casual and friendly or more professional and serious?
  • Will your blog focus on recent news items, write new reviews or offer how-to information?

Your personality is very important to take into consideration because your blog can’t be dull, formal and uninteresting. The human aspect in a blog is an essential component. Your personality need to engage readers, make it easy to digest your content and reach them on an emotional level, as well as just providing information.

Your Ideal Reader

How do you determine the right elements for your blog voice? Try to picture your perfect reader. Who exactly do you expect to become a follower and fan of your blog posts? Once you are able to define and understand this person to some extent, you can write content that appeals to them directly. This might take some time to research and plan out. Figure out what demographics are involved in your industry and particular niche. Try to find out what their likes and dislikes are. Understand their feelings, their personality, their needs and how they view themselves. You can even review photos or draw a physical picture to paint a clear image of what your ideal reader is.

Your Blog’s Image

Once you understand who your ideal reader is, you need to create an image for your blog that tunes into your readership. Take into consideration not just your reader but also what sets your business’ blog apart from others. How is your blog different from all the other blogs out there in your industry?

Your answer depends on the specific niche your blog attends to. One of the fundamental mistakes bloggers make is to try and be everything to everyone. No niche is too specific, unless it’s a market of a single person. Carving out a targeted niche is going to be more effective and have more potential than trying to get everyone interested in your voice, and just getting lost in the noise.

Finding Your Voice

All writers need to find their voice. You need to find the voice of your blog. If you are going to be blogging then you need to consider yourself a writer, regardless of whether you have official training or education in writing. Get a feel for what other blogs in your industry are doing and the quality they represent. Think about your own writing skills and strengths, and focus on what you can do best. Everyone has their own style, and you don’t want to force yourself into being something that you aren’t. Strive to find the middle ground where your voice connects with the voice of your readers.