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7 Tips on Using Facebook to Build Your Brand


Facebook is the daddy of social networking sites and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

There are over 250 million Facebook users worldwide. As many as half of these users check their Facebook profile every day. Your business can take advantage of Facebook to reach out to almost any demographic in the world.

Facebook offers fan pages made specifically for businesses. These are mini sites for your brand name where your customers can hang out, interact and communicate with your business. Here are 10 useful tips to use your Facebook fan page to build your brand.

1. Do Not Focus on Selling

Don’t use your Facebook page just to sell people. People use Facebook to socialize, find old friends and share common interests. Create a fan page that lets them interact with your business

2. Create a Vanity URL

When creating your Facebook fan page use a vanity URL for your page. This can be your company name or a variation on your business name if your actual name is taken.

3. Hold Contests

Facebook fan pages allow you to hold contests for your fans. You can establish a contest on your page and offer prizes to the winners. This can be an excellent way to get your customers involved in your brand, and lure in new prospects.

4. Mind Your Tabs

Tabs are the boxes that are displayed next to your business description. These tabs include things like likes and photos. When people view your profile only the first four tabs are visible. The rest are collapsed under an arrow, So make sure that the ones you want visible are seen on top.

5. Feed Your Posts

You can pull an RSS feed from your blog on to your fan page so that blog posts automatically show up as updates. This is actually fairly simple to set up, just following the prompts on your fan page.

6. Optimize Your ‘About’ Text

Your About text contains some information and contact details about your business. Only a short sentence from the beginning of your description shows up on your profile, so optimize this description with important information first. Add your keywords and links to the full description, but only include the vital info first.

7. Offer Something Exclusive

By offering special deals, promotions and free shipping available only to Facebook fans, this gives them an incentive to stay fans and to spread the word about you. It also helps them feel more valued by your brand.

Remember that when you’re using your Facebook page, stay logged in as your Facebook page user. And remember to stay on brand, by not being rude, negative or inappropriate. While Facebook is used for personal purposes, it’s important to be professional when maintaining your Facebook page.

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