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What is Online Reputation Management?

What is Online Reputation Management?

In this day and age everything that you say or do can potentially end up on the Internet. The world depicted by George Orwell’s book 1984 is actually more of a reality than most of us care to admit. Fortunately with online reputation management (ORM), we do have the ability to control what kind of information winds up about our business online. Online reputation management involves monitoring what is being said about a person, brand-name or business online, encourages the visibility of positive information and reviews, and works to suppress any negatives.

Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Internet reputation management starts with the monitoring of all mentions of a brand name or business on the Internet. This involves keeping track of search engine results for keywords that include your name, address, business name or brand. Wherever your name shows up in a place that needs to be monitored, including but not limited to Google. Keep in mind The social networks and myriad other search engines can turn up different and unique results.

The Basics of Building a Good Reputation Online

While building and maintaining your reputation online, there are three key points to keep in mind:

  • Post positive content.  Ensure that the information that you want the world to see is the most visible content in the search results and social media. Regularly publishing your own content in a variety of places greatly increases your visibility online and lets people know who you are and what values and messages you represent in a positive fashion.
  • Keep your private information private.  One of the best defenses against future problems with online reputation is keeping your private information hidden from public eyes. Limit what you share to information that you are comfortable with the public seeing, and exercise caution and diligence in checking your privacy settings anywhere that might expose personal information.
  • Handle negative information quickly.  If negative reviews, comments or other information is posted about your business online, it’s vital to handle it quickly and professionally. While you can’t always control a negative statement once it’s out there, you can respond to it in a professional fashion and make your response public before it potentially goes viral.

Basics of Dealing with Negative Information

In all likelihood there will come a time that something will show up online that you don’t want the public to see. Even if it’s not a tremendously damaging piece of information, chances are you will want to take the focus away from that single instance of negative information and turn the focus to the important, positive information. This presents you with two options – to attempt having the information removed, or to push it down in search engine results. In order to push negative information down in search results you will need to dominate the results with positive content, thereby decreasing the possibility that the unfavorable content will show up.

Regardless of whether you are a small business, a large company or just a freelancer, your online reputation is important because it can deeply affect what people learn about you when your name shows up online. A single poor review or scathing comment can damage you for a long time – in the worst case it can ignite a viral frenzy that quickly gets out of control. Fortunately, by playing an active part in monitoring and working on your online reputation, you can minimize the threats that potential negative comments can have on your business.

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