Establishing brand awareness is one of the most crucial parts of owning a business. Without a strong brand name and a recognizable presence, your products and services will suffer in the long run.

WordPress presents some great ways to boost your companies brand awareness and help consumers feel comfortable with your brand name.

WordPress Blogs

Blogs are a powerful tool when used correctly. A helpful, professional business blog can establish you as an expert in your field and tremendously benefit your brand name.

Blogging is built in to the core of WordPress. It’s dead-simple to publish new posts on a regular basis, and the subscription, commenting and RSS features of WordPress make the most of this platform.
Establishing a professional blog is one of the best ways to utilize WordPress to strengthen your brand.

Social Media Integration

A variety of built-in features and plugins to WordPress allow you to easily integrate your professional website with your social media networks.

Integrating your brand across all networks is vital to having a consistent brand image. With WordPress plugins like Publicize, you can enable social network sharing across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in just a few clicks.

There are also a wide range of plugins for integrating almost every other social network out there, from Pinterest to YouTube.

 You Have Control

A self-hosted WordPress blog puts you in control of your website.

You can manage all of the content, extensions, design and links that are made available on your website using WordPress. This allows you to have total control on how people interact with your website, and the image they take away with them and associate with your brand.

Compared to social networks, this is a tremendous benefit, and exemplifies the importance of utilizing your business website to establish your brand, and social networking to spread that brand awareness.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is designed to be very friendly with search engines out of the box.

With some hard work and regularly published content, your site will be performing well in search engines and building your brand name recognition with every visitor that comes through search results.

In addition to catering to your existing customers and the audience from your paid advertising, you can establish a brand name with completely new visitors each and every day by tapping into organic search results.