Today is a great day for CyberOptik. We are proud to announce that we have acquired a fantastic web agency, Prism Design Co.

If you haven’t followed our story, CyberOptik was founded in 2002 and focused on providing the best web design and digital marketing services to Chicagoland businesses. Clutch has recognized us as among Illinois’ Top Web Designers of 2022.

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. We step up to be their soundboard, guiding them on what to (and not to do) with their websites and handling their digital marketing to grow their organization. We are lucky to be working with hundreds of amazing clients.

With technology making it easy and effective to converse online, we’ve expanded our client base throughout the entire United States and Canada.

As we look to grow our business further, we’ve been looking to acquire smaller agencies so we can help more clients, bolster our expertise, and get a chance to expand our offerings into more markets and industries.

With Prism Design Co, we get all of those additions and much more. I’m so impressed with how Victoria Avallone has delivered fantastic work for her clients, grown her business, the processes she’s built, and the respect she has in the industry. If you know anything about CyberOptik, we want to provide our clients with the very best, and finding someone else who shares this passion is very important.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone that has been on this journey with Prism for the last 5 years, what an amazing ride it has been!

We have worked diligently as a small boutique agency to foster a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong relationships. We could not be prouder to merge with one of the leading agencies in the industry that share the same values!

With this new acquisition, our clients will not only have more resources to scale their businesses, but a larger team to rely on. The sky’s the limit. Cheers to the next chapter in our story!

Victoria Avallone, Prism Design Co

There are many possibilities, and we are excited about this next chapter in CyberOptik’s story. Working with Victoria Avallone has been an absolute pleasure.

We look forward to serving everyone with our newly merged team.

– Ron
Marketing Director, Owner