An exceptional, stylish website is fundamental for any successful interior designer. It reflects your style, showcases your incredible work, and is a dynamic platform for engaging with potential clients.

A well-designed interior design website aligns with your unique aesthetic and allows visitors to experience your prowess firsthand. At CyberOptik, we excel at developing sites that beautifully mirror your design philosophy and portfolio while ensuring the backend is straightforward and efficient for in-house edits.

As you venture on your website redesign journey, consider drawing inspiration from leading interior designers who’ve excelled in web design. This post features a curated selection of standout interior designer websites that shine in various key areas: representation of unique styles, user engagement, ease of use, and effective use of visuals.

Examples of the Best Interior Designer Website Designs

  1. Kelly Wearstler: This is the online presence of the renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Her website features a clean and minimalistic layout allowing portfolio images and products to take center stage. The site incorporates large, high-quality photos and a simple navigation menu. The shop section is visually appealing and allows visitors to bring a piece of Kelly Wearstler’s design into their homes.
    Kelly interiors - kelly interiors - kelly interiors - kelly interiors - kel.
  2. Studio McGee: Studio McGee’s website has a sleek and contemporary design that reflects its modern farmhouse aesthetic. The site features beautiful imagery, well-organized project galleries, and an easy-to-navigate interface. Their website highlights their portfolio of interior design projects. Using large images throughout the site provides a captivating visual experience.
    Mccoy home interiors wordpress theme.
  3. Brianne Bishop Design: Their website plays a part in sophistication and elegance with its uncluttered design and ample use of white space. Its design choice allows the content and visuals to stand out effectively. The site offers a simple and intuitive navigation fixed top menu that remains visible when you scroll, making it easy for visitors to explore different sections. The website effectively communicates Brianne Bishop Design’s brand identity and personal style. The site’s consistent color palettes, typography, and imagery help create a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.
    A website design for a luxury interior design company.
  4. Amber Interiors: Amber Interiors’ website showcases a visually appealing blend of clean lines, warm tones, and natural textures. Their website homepage appeals to a welcoming aura with large, high-resolution images on a well-organized image slider giving visitors a stun of its design projects. The site seamlessly integrates portfolio images, press content, and a shop section. Visitors can learn about the studio’s design process, philosophy, and the range of services they offer, which helps to establish their expertise and provide transparency to potential clients.
    A living room with a couch and a coffee table.
  5. Jean-Louis Deniot: The website exudes elegance and sophistication, mirroring Jean-Louis Deniot’s refined design style. It incorporates a dark background with well-placed pops of color, captivating imagery, and an intuitive navigation structure. The website prominently features Jean-Louis Deniot’s portfolio, showcasing a range of exquisite interior design projects. The portfolio section includes high-quality images highlighting the designer’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and use of luxurious materials. The site also incorporates a customized cursor matching the site’s design theme, and consistent use of branding elements establishes a recognizable brand presence.
    A modern living room with a white couch and a coffee table.
  6. Krane Home: The website features an elegant and stylish design that aligns with Krane Home’s aesthetic. It utilizes a clean and modern layout with a predominantly white color scheme giving a feeling of coziness and comfort, adding its products and visuals to stand out. Krane Home’s homepage prominently displays selected products and collections, allowing visitors to glimpse Krane Home’s offerings quickly. The website integrates an e-commerce platform that enables visitors to add products to their cart, view pricing details, and proceed to the checkout process. The shopping experience is streamlined, making it convenient for users to purchase directly from the website.
    A bedroom with a bed and a dresser.
  7. The Interior Design Group: The website radiates a sleek and modern design aesthetic, capturing the firm’s expertise, showcasing its portfolio, and facilitating user engagement. The homepage immediately captures attention with its stunning, high-resolution images of completed interior design projects. These visuals effectively convey the firm’s expertise in creating as emotional as it is functional spaces. The simplicity of its design allows the showcased interior design projects to take center stage, creating a visually pleasing and uncluttered experience. The website’s clean design, intuitive navigation, and responsive layout provide a user-friendly browsing experience.
    A conference room with a large table and chairs.
  8. D2 Interieurs: D2 Interieurs’s website has a unique and visually stunning interior design website that effectively showcases the firm’s portfolio and design expertise. The website boasts a clean and modern design aesthetic that reflects the firm’s contemporary approach to interior design. Using ample white space, crisp typography, and sleek visual elements creates a sophisticated and visually pleasing experience. Including the “Honors” section from press recognition and awards adds credibility and validates the firm’s quality, expertise, and success.
    A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
  9. Evolve Residential: The website effectively showcases the company’s residential design and development services. It provides a clear, straightforward, structured menu and a clean and modern design. These features make navigation easy and allow visitors to focus on the showcased projects and information without hindrances. The website also enchants attention with captivating visuals of beautifully designed residential spaces. High-quality images are strategically placed throughout the site, giving visitors a glimpse into the company’s portfolio and the quality of their work.
    Evolve interiors - website design.
  10. Kati Curtis Design: Kati Curtis Design is one of the top full-service NYC interior design firms- specializing in classic design with a global influence. In harmony with its globally competent interior classic design, its website portrays the company’s credibility and expertise that exudes elegance and sophistication, with its sleek and modern layout, combined with a refined color palette, well-thought-out navigation system, and typography. The website incorporates client feedback, further reinforcing the firm’s exceptional design abilities and client satisfaction. It effectively showcases the company’s expertise, enticing visitors to delve deeper into its portfolio and explore its range of services.
    A living room with furniture and a view of the city.
  11. Stephanie Nickolson Design, Inc: Their website presents a clean and minimalist design that effectively showcases the interior design services offered by Snick Olson Design. The website embraces a minimalist design, simple color palette, and clean layout, conveying attention to their showcased projects and expertise with an appealing experience to visitors. The website provides a concise overview of the firm’s services, allowing potential clients to understand the services’ scope quickly. The incorporation of awards into its website highlights their unique strengths and achievements, making them stand out and attracting more attention and interest.
    A website design for a home remodeling company.
  12. AVERY COX DESIGN: The website features a clean and elegant design, creating a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. The utilization of high-resolution images showcases the firm’s portfolio of interior design projects, capturing attention and a glimpse into their design style. The minimalistic color scheme and tasteful typography contribute to a visually pleasing experience. Its clean design, engaging visuals, user-friendly navigation, portfolio showcase, services overview, responsive design, and accessible contact information all contribute to a compelling online presence for the firm.
    A living room with a white couch and bookshelves.
  13. Ver Designs: Avery Cox Design is known for its lively use of color and artistic approach to space, drawing clients seeking an original nostalgic modernism brand. Their website also impresses elegant and modern design that effectively showcases Ver Designs’ interior design services. Combining clean lines, ample white space, and a sophisticated color palette creates a visually pleasing experience that reflects the firm’s aesthetic sensibilities. The well-structured menu and clear labels make finding specific information easy or browsing through portfolios.
    What we do - website design.
  14. Milieu: The website represents Milieu, LLC, and provides a platform to showcase their services in a visually appealing manner through the combination of bold typography, vibrant colors, and abstract illustrations giving a captivating experience that reflects the creative nature of Milieu’s work. The website utilizes high-quality images and artistic illustrations to showcase its portfolio of interior design projects. The website provides a brief overview of Milieu’s services, highlighting their areas of expertise. With concise information, visitors grasp the range of design solutions they offer.
    A green living room with furniture and a fireplace.
  15. JJ Design Studio: The website impresses with its elegant and modern design, user-friendly website, and clear and concise overview of JJ Design Studio’s interior design services, giving visitors a quick understanding of the projects they specialize in. Combining a sleek color scheme, clean lines, and well-chosen typography creates a sophisticated and visually pleasing aesthetic. Their portfolio section is also a standout feature, and images are displayed in an attractive and organized manner, allowing visitors to view the studio’s design expertise and range of styles.
    A home design website with a black and white background.
  16. Sashya Thind: Sashya Thind describes its design as “Warm minimalism,” which creates a reflection of its website design, which embraces a minimal and modern approach. The clean layout, ample white space, and subtle hue color create sophisticated and contemporary eye-grabbing attention throughout the site. The portfolio part is a standout, showcasing a selection of projects in an organized and visually appealing way. Each project is supported by stunning photography and concise text, providing visitors with an understanding of Sashya Thind’s design style and skills.
    The homepage of a website with the words visual discovery.
  17. Carrier and Company Interiors, LTD: Carrier and Company’s website features custom typography that adds a unique touch, enhances the overall aesthetic and reinforces the brand’s identity. The website effectively conveys its brand personality and ethos. Through carefully selected visuals, concise copy, and sophisticated design choices, they capture the essence of their design philosophy and establish a distinct brand identity. The use of interactive elements, from animated transitions to hover effects, makes visitors’ browsing experience more dynamic and memorable.
    The cover of the book defining chic.
  18. House Beautiful: House Beautiful is known for its vast collection of inspiring content related to interior design, home decor, and lifestyle. The website offers many articles, images, and videos that showcase beautiful homes, design trends, DIY ideas, and expert tips. One standout feature of its website is its extensive collection of home tours. The website takes readers inside beautifully designed homes, providing a glimpse into different interiors, layouts, and decor choices. This allows visitors to gain insights and ideas from real-life examples.
    A dining room with blue cabinets and chairs.
  19. Aspect Home: The website boasts an elegant and stylish design that aligns with the company’s focus on high-end interior design. A clean layout, subtle color palette, and visually captivating images create a sophisticated and luxurious visual experience. The main menu is concise and well-organized, providing access to essential pages such as Shop, Fabrics, News, Our Story, and Contact Us. This allows visitors to understand the company’s design capabilities and style as they go in-depth into each section.
    The homepage of a home office furniture store.
  20. IBB Design: IBB Design emphasizes its commitment to personalized design solutions tailored to each client’s needs and preferences. The website homepage features an impressive image slider, displaying its high-quality image and key contents representing its prominence in interior design projects. The website highlights the expertise and experience of the IBB Design team. By featuring the designers’ awards/recognition, profiles, and biographies, the website establishes a sense of trust and demonstrates the firm’s dedication to delivering high-quality design solutions.
    A website design for a furniture store.
  21. Design Hunter: The website is a platform dedicated to showcasing and celebrating interior design and architecture. The website impresses with its elegant, clean, and minimalist design, presentation of a visually stunning collection of high-quality images, thoughtful categorization, editorial approach, social media integration, and collaborative features. It is a valuable platform for anyone interested in interior design and architecture, providing a visually captivating and informative experience.
    The homepage of design hunter.
  22. Ciatti Design: Ciatte Design website stuns as it features a unique visual design combined with bold typography, dynamic layout, and contrasting colors creating a modern and eye-catching aesthetic. The website seamlessly integrates a portfolio section and case studies, allowing visitors to explore the firm’s work in-depth. The website showcases Ciatti Design’s unique projects through high-quality images and detailed descriptions. Each project is presented as a distinct and standout creation, highlighting the firm’s ability to deliver innovative and personalized designs.

    A website design for a cleaning company in san francisco.

  23. Amy Lau Design: Amy Lau Design creates interiors known for their warmth, expressiveness, and impeccable attention to detail. The website showcases an artistic and visually striking design using bold colors, artistic imagery, and a unique layout reflecting the firm’s creative design philosophy. The website effectively tells the story of Amy Lau Design by incorporating interactive elements such as slideshows, image galleries, captivating narratives, and project descriptions, enabling visitors to view multiple project images and appreciate the design details.
    A website design for an interior design company.
  24. Alexis Ring: Alexis Ring is an interior designer known for her distinctive and luxurious design style. Their website reflects its style as it embraces a minimalist design approach, focusing on clean lines, spacious layouts, elegant fonts, selected color palettes, and ample white space, creating a luxurious and refined aesthetic. Their minimalist design allows the projects and imagery to take center stage, emphasizing the beauty and impact of the showcased designs. It effectively represents Alexis Ring’s unique design style, immersing visitors in her luxurious interior designs.
    Alexis ring interior design website.

These websites set a high standard in interior design web design. They weave together high-quality images, compelling narratives, and intuitive navigation to offer an immersive user experience. They make it a breeze for potential clients to explore portfolios and envision how they can transform their spaces.

Just like these leading designers, your business deserves an excellent website that checks all the boxes:

  • Engaging design.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Clear calls-to-action.
  • A backend that allows your team to update your portfolio effortlessly.

At CyberOptik, we specialize in creating high-quality, user-friendly websites tailored to the unique needs of interior design businesses. We know that captivating images are at the heart of any interior design website, and we ensure they’re used to their maximum potential.

We’re committed to building a top-tier website for you that doesn’t just look good but functions optimally to support your business goals. By blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, we’ll help you craft a site that effectively showcases your work, connects with your audience, and simplifies portfolio updates.

Get in touch with CyberOptik today. Let’s discuss how we can collaborate to make your online presence as stunning and compelling as the spaces you design. We’re excited to help you amplify your digital footprint and make a lasting impression in the interior design industry.