As a law firm, it’s crucial that your website conveys your success and track record provides valuable information to your potential clients, and instills trust. You don’t need flashy animations or even the most innovative graphics to turn visitors into clients. What you need is a website that gives the essential information to potential clients as efficiently as possible. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips you can follow to ensure your new website turns out flawlessly. 

1. Be Careful With CTAs

Calls To Action are needed on any website. Giving direct instruction to your potential client to reach out to you for the service you’re offering is one of the most crucial parts of websites today, but on law firm websites, there is such a thing as being too aggressive with a CTA. 

Consider where a CTA is placed—is it set in the upper corner as a “contact us” button? Or, is it scattered throughout the landing page in countless places, pushing for potential clients to reach out? 

Even the size of the button to contact you matters. If your website has a lot of bold design, it may be best to go with a more prominent button to stand out. If your website has a clean and more traditional layout, a large CTA button might be seen as pushy, garish, and unprofessional. 

2. Use Photos Effectively

Images are often a dealbreaker for many potential clients visiting possible legal representatives’ websites. If pictures are blurry or grainy, it’s likely they’ll see that as a lack of care on your part, and thus, not trust you to take on their case. 

The best thing you can do to capture your potential client’s attention is to include professional photographs of your firm’s actual attorneys. It also helps to have pictures of the area you serve to help your client see you as part of their community. For example, if you’re a law firm in Chicago and a website visitor is in Chicago, including a photograph of your office in downtown Chicago would help to personify your firm as a part of the potential client’s local community. 

3. Ensure Your Website Runs Well

Your website is an extension of your business. If your website can load quickly without too much lag and can be highly responsive to user interaction, then that tells your potential clients that you’ll be just as responsive to their concerns. 

While it isn’t always within your control, ensuring your website is hosted on reliable servers is one step you can take to guarantee that your website will hold up to usage. 

4. Contact a Professional Designer

Ensuring your firm’s success starts with making sure your website represents your excellence and service to your clients and your community. Your potential clients come to your site with a hope in mind – the hope that you will prove to them right off the bat that they can trust your firm to represent them and alleviate the burden of their potentially stressful legal predicament. Give them that proof.

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