Every nonprofit began with a passion. This passion sprouted ideas and a vision, and these things soon became concrete goals. From there, dedication, promotion, and outreach sees those goals become a reality, but not without some clever marketing and a well-designed website to convey your mission with key elements to get your audience engaged, and keep them that way.

1. Clear Branding

Your brand should grow with your organization. It will mature and evolve as time passes. You need to recognize what your brand is and make it clear on your website.

Do your mission and brand align with your efforts and partnerships? How do you reach new communities? Do you attend events, network with leaders, or do you connect more on social media?

You need to be aware of how you are communicating, as well as the reputation you are building, and ensure it is on-message with what you want for your nonprofit. All of these elements fit into designing your brand, and should be taken into careful consideration for the portals through which you communicate with your community, including your website, social media pages, and physical marketing materials.

2. Logos

Your logo isn’t just a symbol, it communicates your mission. This includes both inside your nonprofit and in your community. This visual identity expresses who you are, so it’s not to be designed without a great amount of thought.

For instance, if you were to incorporate a peace symbol within your logo, people will universally associate your mission with peace. This could work well for a nonprofit seeking to end violence in some way or another, or even to promote togetherness via inclusion. However, if your mission is to create a center for performing arts, your message is likely going to be a bit confusing. Consider your message when designing your logo, and make sure it speaks to your plight in a simple, effective, and memorable way.

3. Know Your Audience

Perhaps most important of all to your success as a nonprofit is knowing exactly who your audience is. From geographic location and age range down to psychographic information, narrowing this down to a T is the most important element in ensuring your project gets off the ground.

For instance, if you are a nonprofit for animal rights, you want to target animal lovers. Narrowing down and targeting people who work in the veterinary and rescue fields would be a good place to start because you know this is already a part of people’s lives. You can organize events and advertise them at these kinds of places to get the word out and even partner with local animal hospitals to host events and distribute literature for your cause.

Whatever your cause, it is crucial that you speak to your audience with content that is desirable to them and provide them with timely updates to your efforts and causes in order to keep them engaged and encourage their continued donations and support.

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