As a business owner, you understandably want to save on costs wherever you can. But sometimes you can take it too far – especially when it comes to your image. You might save some money by designing your own logo in your spare time, but the money you will cost your business in the long run is simply not worth it. Resist the urge to use premade templates and logo design tools, or you’ll end up with a logo that’s completely unoriginal, or even worse, a total duplicate of someone else’s.

A great logo must be unique.

It needs to deliver a message about your business that helps you stand out and define your personality with potential customers. A cookie cutter logo, or something that looks like it was copied from MS Word clip art back in 1994, is only going to damage your business. Unless you have the experience, design expertise and knowledge to create a unique logo, make sure the design goes into hands that do understand these qualities.

Amateur logos for amateur businesses

An amateur or unprofessional logo essentially tells people that your business is not to be taken seriously. At best, people will assume you couldn’t afford a decent logo. At worst, they’ll associate cheapness with your brand name and it will be permanently tarnished in their minds.

You’re not the marketing expert.

What’s your business all about? Unless you are a marketing, branding and design firm, your expertise lies elsewhere. You know the importance of expertise in a domain. Trying to bootstrap it with your own logo is dangerous and lies outside your field of expertise.

When you have someone with the experience and knowledge to tackle your logo design, you know that they are bringing more than just a good eye to the table. They’re bringing the tools, knowledge and understanding that will make the process work for your business.

Logo design resources

It takes special tools and resources to design a great logo. Chances are you aren’t familiar with or have the expertise to use these tools even if you have access to them. You wouldn’t use a rock to hammer a nail unless you were desperate. You shouldn’t design a logo with ineffective tools or software designed for something else entirely.

Hiring a logo design firm means you get an experienced professional to understand your business brand, your business, and integrate that tightly with an image you can be proud of for years to come.