Websites get hacked every day. Most of the hacks that happen could have been easily prevented.

Hackers are always trying to attack websites, it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on or how big you are.

If your website does become victim, it is important to know now only what to do but to also do it quickly.

How Do I Tell If I’ve Been Hacked?

  • There were changes made to your website that you didn’t make.
  • When viewing your website in search engines, you are warned that it may not be safe.
  • Your website doesn’t show up, or it shows a different website.
  • There are random keywords or links on your website.

Here’s What To Do

1: Take Notes

Be sure to take notes on everything that is wrong.  What have you noticed, have you given access to your site to anyone else, when is the last time you updated the site?

2: Contact Your Web Designer or Web Host

Contacting your web host hosting company will help you learn whether or not you are the only victim.  If you are not, then they may of already fixed the issue for someone else.  If they have not, you could be letting them know about an issue on their server.

Your web designer should also be notified so they can make sure that the software on your website is up to date.

3: Change Your Passwords

Change your WordPress password and have your host change your web hosting account password.

4: Get it Fixed

Make sure that you weren’t the issue. Run your antivirus and make sure that your computer has not been compromised.

Between your web designer and web host, ask them for a referral for someone that can fix your website ASAP (FYI: CyberOptik can fix your website!).

If you need someone to help you clean up your hacked WordPress website, Contact CyberOptik today.