A good content management system (CMS) makes it easy for staff and website owners to manage and publish new content to their website. If your CMS is difficult to use, requires extensive training, or limits you to simple text fields, you understand how frustrating a bad CMS can be. WordPress stands out as being one of the easiest yet most powerful CMS platforms available.

WordPress websites make it easy to manage, add, edit, publish and schedule content pages and blog posts with a range of tools.

WordPress Post Editor

The WordPress Post Editor provides a user-friendly interface to create and edit content as easily as you would create an email message or Word document. Using the WordPress Post Editor, you’ll be able to:

  • Add links and media by simply pasting in the appropriate sections
  • Create pages and posts post on a simple interface that’s similar to a word processing application
  • Edit any post or page by clicking the “Edit” button
  • Change your menu items, such as your themes, colors, designs, and more via the “Appearance” option
  • Easily search for install, edit, and/or uninstall plugins in only a few short steps
  • Create categories for each topic of your website
  • Create blog posts and easily integrate each one into your site

Visual and Text Editor Interface

WordPress has two editing modes available – the visual editor and the text editor.

Both of these interfaces are easy to use, but one offers advanced visual design tools.

The text editor interface lets you edit the “raw code” of the page or post contents. This allows you to add HTML tags, custom styles and edit tag attributes and other details not normally accessible. It provides a great level of fine control over the code of your posts and pages.

The visual editor, on the other hand, provides a friendly, WYSIWYG interface for editing pages and posts. Similar to Word or another visual document editor, you can change font styles, create bold text, insert special styles and more.

Editing Plugins

The visual editor can be extended with several free plugins. WP Super Edit and other plugins extend the functionality of the visual editor to include additional features like drag-and-drop buttons, table editors and much more.

By utilizing an easy interface to manage and edit content, till allowing fine grain control of the code behind each page and providing a huge range of extensions and plugins, WordPress offers one of the most robust free CMS platforms available.