How much time did you invest in designing your business logo? If your logo was a side project or an afterthought, it’s time to think about your logo design again. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of your logo when faced with all the other crucial business decisions in front of you, but it can be a dangerous thing to overlook. Is your poorly designed logo hurting your business?

Bad Image For Your Business

Your logo will be the face of your company for many people. It will establish the cornerstone of your branding efforts. It speaks volumes about your work, your image and your credibility. If your logo is sloppy, amateurish or unprofessional, potential customers will be left with a bad impression of your company as a whole.

Poor Targeting

Maybe your logo is well-designed but is simply not appropriate for your market. You have a responsibility as a business owner to understand your customers and target demographic. If your logo isn’t speaking directly to your customers, then it’s not doing its job.

The Wrong Idea

Even worse, it could be confusing potential customers by presenting an image inconsistent with your business goals and objectives. Are you a conservative professional firm with a wild, brightly colored logo?

Your logo creates a visual and emotional connection with your customers, and if they get a misleading impression of your business it will confuse them and potentially turn them away.

Low Impact

It’s possible that you have an attractively designed logo that suits your business objectives, but it’s still failing you. Some logos look great at big sizes, but when they scale down they look terrible or are simply unrecognizable. Similarly, they might look great at small sizes but when scaled up look amateurish at best.

It’s possible your great design is also just lackluster in impression. A logo that doesn’t leave an impression on your target audience is a logo that isn’t working for your business.

It’s impossible to understate the importance of a solid logo to guide your branding and establish a connection with your prospects. Your logo is sometimes the only thing that drives a customer to click your link, remember your business card they tucked away, or share your business with someone else.

A cheap logo might be inexpensive, but it’s simply too costly to get away with.