The number of domain names to choose from is virtually unlimited. There are a plethora of top-level domains (TLD’s) to select from. You can use any combination of numbers and letters in your domain (plus hyphens). Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when selecting your domain name:

1.  Double letters directly next to one another, such as ss or tt. For example suziesscents or supersmartteam will confuse people who never know if it’s one S (or T) or two.

2.  Nontraditional spellings – kandles, jewlz, kitchn, etc. These are usually used when the proper spelling is already taken. If is already registered by another organization, so you decide to settle for – unfortunately, you will likely be sending people to the properly spelled domain name – most likely a competitor. Many customers won’t remember the odd spelling, they’ll just go to what is expected.

3.  From a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), some folks suggest to use hyphens such as because you’re including keywords in your domain name. While this used to provide some kind of advantage, those days are long gone and search engines don’t show as much preference for domain name containing keywords. Instead, they just make it confusing and difficult to remember your domain.

4.  Any domain name that requires an explanation. If you can say “it’s” then most will be able to visit your website without a problem. When you pick something that is easy to remember, visitors can return later without having to write it down or second guess themselves. If you need to explain your domain name spelling, it isn’t going to stick naturally with people and is only going to lose you visitors.

5.  Think of the message you’re sending and whether it portrays a professional image for your business. For example, a candle business might not want “smell” and “odor” in their domain name even if they are descriptive.

If you want to change the name of your domain name because you have committed one of these errors, that’s ok, but be consistent with the change. Make sure you make a long-lasting decision, and once done, be sure to update your business cards and marketing collateral to reflect the new name.