Once your business has a website online you don’t need to do anything to update or maintain it, right? Wrong. Here are four important reasons why you need to keep your website up to date.

#1 – Search Engines Love Content

Search engines like Google are constantly crawling the Internet looking for new and updated content. Why? Because they are always striving to keep up to date and have fresh results. By keeping your website content up-to-date and publishing new content once or twice a month, you can keep Google coming back for more. The more the Google comes back and checks your content, the better you are going to rank in Google search results.

#2 – Let People Know You’re Still Around

With the economy as it has been it’s not surprising that many businesses are closing their doors. If your business is still open and running, people need to know about you! If your website is showing content from years ago a prospect may question whether you’re even in business anymore, and just move on to your competitors.

#3 – Keep Your Users Coming Back

People expect an engaging and interactive experience online. The Internet is changing constantly, and keeping the content on your website fresh helps stimulate your clients and prospective clients. You can keep your product and service offerings up-to-date with industry trends, post new news and press releases for your business, promote events or special activities that you have going on, or post relevant articles. If you’re too busy to update your website yourself…

#4 – It’s Cheap!

If you’re too busy to keep your website constantly updated with content, hiring a professional makes it easy for you to manage. Maybe you think that keeping your website updated is too costly? You should absolutely be worried about costs for your business, but keeping your website updated is actually not expensive! Quick changes that might take you hours to do yourself would take a web designer just a few minutes.

So, just remember…
Staying updated online is a vital part of your business.  You should update your website at least once a month!