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What You Should Expect From Your Mobile Website

As mobile website use increases on smartphones and tablet computers, many businesses have moved to building mobile websites to make sure that visitors can access their business information easily.


Having a mobile website for your visitors presents many advantages for your company.

The Viewing Experience

Website visitors are much less inclined to express interest in your products and services if that can’t access a mobile-friendly version of your website. It’s important to keep your company’s essential information at the forefront and easy for users to find. Your business phone number and address should be prominent. The services and products you provide should be easy to find.

Better Branding

Companies with a mobile website can improve their brand’s image in multiple ways. Utilizing mobile technology shows visitors that you understand and evolve with technology. It shows that you want them to have the best experience possible and are willing to cater to their needs.

Improved Search Rankings

Major search engines like Google are able to detect when someone is searching from a mobile device. They will attempt to serve up the mobile version of a website in their search results first. If you aren’t catering to the mobile userbase, your results might be lagging behind as a result.

Improved Sales

Using a mobile website can help to improve your sales. Mobile deals and coupons factor into buying decisions regularly. This is only expected to increase as mobile and smartphone usage skyrockets.

Based on a recent survey performed by Google, at least 65% of the 1,500 people who took the survey said they preferred using mobile websites instead of applications when searching for company information, shopping for products and finding directions. Over half of these users end up going to the business or store to complete their purchase.

Over 40% of smartphone users don’t consult a traditional website anymore. These customers rely entirely on mobile websites for making a buying decision.

Unless your company has a mobile website, you’re letting a large number of sales slip away.

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