Landing Pages

A landing page is a webpage where people “land” after following a link from another web page or a piece of printed material.  We often think of a website’s home page as its landing page.  But a landing page can be any page to which you direct customers or prospects.  This opens up a powerful component of online marketing.

Elsewhere we talked about how companies and organizations use landing pages in conjunction with email campaigns, and how pay-per-click advertising strategies can direct interested parties to customized landing pages.  These pages often are not pages that already exist on a website but rather are created especially for a particular promotion.

CyberOptik designs targeted landing pages for many types of marketing programs.

CyberOptik designs targeted landing pages for many types of marketing programs.  A great use of these pages is to track the effectiveness of a campaign.  For example, a company can place an ad or a promotional blurb in a chosen location and include a link to a newly created landing page related to the ad’s message.  The company will then know exactly how many people are responding to that ad by tracking page visits.

There are so many ways to use landing pages to increase your bottom line and to understand how well your message is being embraced.  It’s just one more way we tap the power of the Internet to keep you highly competitive and moving upwards.

Northshore 770 Landing

Diamond Airplanes Landing

You launch, they land.
Give them a great experience when they arrive.

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