If your business is part of a franchise or a parent company, you will most likely be provided with professionally produced materials for marketing your business. If not, it is extremely important that you do not use marketing materials that look homemade. A professional image is absolutely essential to your success. When your company doesn’t have high-quality marketing collateral and other sales aids, you absolutely need them!

Too many business owners disagree or don’t see the necessity of offering customers professional marketing collateral. Instead they give out homemade, amateurish marketing materials. This hurts your business rather than helps it. In many of these cases you would be better off offering nothing instead of handmade business cards, printed on low-quality paper, with an inkjet printer that is clearly low on ink, with multiple fonts and colors. We have all seen these before; you know what I’m referring to. If you haven’t, perhaps you are one of those offenders.

While this is an added expense, purchasing high quality materials isn’t actually as expensive as you might think it is. In fact, the costs of handing out unprofessional materials are far greater than the small upfront costs of getting it done right the first time. When the cost of using bad marketing materials are considered, the value of professionally made marketing collateral becomes clear. In the larger scheme of things, costs are minimal and CyberOptik can help you get the best deal.

Take into consideration that homemade marketing materials are giving you an unprofessional image – the opposite is true for using professionally created marketing aids.

If you can’t afford professional business cards and marketing collateral in the beginning, then wait to create those marketing materials until the budget is available. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on printed materials before launching your business, but using a professional business cards is a must. You can do much more damage with homemade business materials then just holding off until you can afford the real thing. The cost of lost business due to that unprofessional image is going to outweight the cost of professionally produced business cards and brochures.

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