No matter what kind of business you have, you need to be blogging. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or a blogger, is absolutely essential because your business blog is another point of contact with your customers. Blogging is also very easy to do!

Connect on a Personal Level

Much like social media websites, your blog allows you to connect with customers on a more personal level than typical website articles do. Your website can tell customers and visitors about your company and act as an informational source, however your blog is more interactive and it allows you to have a real conversation with visitors. Your blog can help you begin a dialogue with your visitors, where they can leave comments and opinions and thoughts, and get to know you and your business better. Your blog gives your business a personality and a human side.

Establish Your Credibility

One powerful aspect of having a business blog is that it provides an opportunity to establish your expertise and build your reputation with visitors. You can blog about topics that you know intimately and have valuable information to provide on. For example, a law firm can blog about some of the common legal questions people have, immediately provide valuable information before even establishing a relationship with a customer. A cleaning company can share housecleaning tips and easy ways to clean up around the kitchen. Your blog displays to your visitors what you know and this helps establish trust in your business before you create a connection.

Targeted Marketing

Blogging offers a more effective and lower-cost way to market your business than many other methods available. Placing advertisements on other websites cost money, and in many cases can become extremely expensive. By creating a company blog you can turn casual visitors to interested leads from your website, and deliver your message directly to them without any upfront cost.

Search Engine Perks

Posting a blog on your website and keeping it fresh with new content on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep Google and other search engines coming back to your website regularly. Every time you post to your blog it creates a new page which is indexed by search engines and appears in search results. Even by writing just one blog post per week, you can see more searches coming your way, more pages being indexed on your website, and the results in search engines improving overtime. Continue posting to your blog a couple times per week, and you can see a significant impact on your traffic over time.

Increased Visibility

Your blog allows you to tell your customers about your products and services. You can make them aware of discounts, special offers, new products and new services, or off-line events that you want to participate in. It’s also easy to have your blog post automatically shared across all of your social media pages, further increasing your exposure and establishing new channels to connect with potential customers.

Also remember that your blog post don’t have to be extremely long. Short, helpful post can actually be extremely effective in providing visitors with valuable information and creating return customers.┬áIf you have any questions about starting a blog, reach out to us for a free consult!