Do you want to drive your customers away and completely destroy your business? It’s not very hard to do. Sadly, businesses excel at doing this every day of the week. Here are five important things that you should be doing if you want to drive your customers away, and ensure that your marketing is a complete flop.

No Follow-Up

Following up with your customers is vitally important, maybe even more so than initial contact. Many companies failed to follow up because they don’t want to come across as pushy, they simply forget about you, or they just don’t have an effective system in place. Following up, however, is absolutely essential for building and keeping long-term relationships. It’s how you keep your customers in the long run, so be sure to reach out whenever you need to.

Low Quality Goods or Services

You can’t skimp out on the quality may comes to your products and services. They absolutely need to be excellent, or they won’t sell. Don’t believe the old saying that it is all about marketing. The quality of your products shines through in your marketing efforts. Bypassing off for quality to your customers, they will tell others and this will build a reputation around your business for poor quality. Always seek to improve upon your products and services.

Bad or Non-Existent Customer Service

Customer service is suffering these days and it’s obvious to most of us. Businesses don’t recognize that customers are there lifeblood, don’t take responsibility for this. Some people are jaded have just excepted poor customer service is a fact of life. But this means when you bend over backwards for your customers, you’ll truly blow them away. Great customer service is the most important factor to turn the company into business loved by all. By offering great customer service, you outdo your competition who hasn’t recognized its value.

Bad Mouthing Your Competitors

You’re competitors might be scumbags, but you don’t want to be the one saying it. Bad mouthing the competition makes you look extremely unprofessional, defensive and petty. The best thing that you can do is ignore your competition and pretend like they don’t exist. Focus instead on your own high-quality products and services. This shows your customers that you have confidence in your business. Talking poorly about your competition shows that you’re unsure about your own products.

Not Giving Guarantees or Refunds

Many companies failed to offer a guaranteed because they are afraid of their goods will be returned. This doesn’t show confidence in your products. By offering a guarantee, you’re showing that you know your product is so good. You’re willing to return the money if the customer doesn’t agree. You might get a few refunds here and there but it won’t be much if your products are of high quality. Budget to allow for these rare circumstances. If you end up with a lot of refunds, Is a clear sign that you need to make improvements.

Listen and Learn

Regardless of what business you’re in, it’s all about listening to your customers. You can’t assume to know what they like or what they’re looking for. Companies that can communicate and listen to feedback our successful companies, because they have their fingers on the pulse of their clientele. Establish several lines of communication with your customers and never be afraid to ask them what they think about your company.