LinkedIn is not just a good way to connect with ‘general’ prospects online, it is also a great way to connect with local prospects.

Here are 4 tips to help you out:

  1. “Localize” Your Profile – People like working with businesses/professionals that are near them.  In todays online world it is very easy to work with someone across the globe and never have to see them, however a lot of customers still like to work with someone local so they can be more accountable (they can meet face to face with you… if they need to, even if they never do).  Google will also browse your profile (if you avoid these LinkedIn mistakes) so that will allow your profile to potentially show up in their search results when someone searches for your location + your offering.
  2. Connect With Local Businesses – Local businesses near you are already connecting with their clients and prospects, so tap into that.  Connect with local businesses to increase your exposure, as well as to let them know about you in case they can send people your way.
  3. Join & Post In Local Groups – All major cities have Chamber of Commerce groups, association groups, etc — just do a search for your city in LinkedIn Groups and watch them flow in.  Join some of these that are relevant to you and your services and be an active participant in them.  Other people will post questions — give them your 2 cents, and feel free to post your own content / questions.  Always participate more than you ask for participation.
  4. ABC – Always Be Connecting – You can never stop connecting.  It’s an easy thing to do in your day to day tasks. When you connect with a new prospect via email and you see they have a LinkedIn profile (I use Rapportive for Gmail, which is owned by LinkedIn and shows all of a persons LinkedIn info right within Gmail) — ask them to connect.  LinkedIn will also give you suggestions on people you may know and they even give you the ability to import your contacts from your mail program so you can check if they are on LinkedIn.

Your social presence is an important part of your online success and can be an easy way to cultivate leads and brand yourself as the go-to expert in your local profession!  Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn.