Web design is not an exact science. There are a lot of factors involved in building a website, and your web designer needs to have a strong feel for aesthetics, a solid understanding of how people browse the web, and of solid working knowledge of the technical aspects of web functionality. Also, deep insight into search engine optimization is important.

Not all Chicago web designers are created equally and, therefore, neither are their websites. You can set your website apart from the mediocre by avoiding these three common web design mistakes:

1. Bad Navigation

Your website can’t just look great, it also needs to be easy for people to use and navigate. There many issues that come along with website navigation that can be avoided with a little bit of effort. Links that are too small to see or click on, disorganized content, links that open into new windows when they don’t need to, and links that don’t change color when you hover over them. These are all prime examples of poor website navigation features that are going to make it very difficult for your visitors to browse your website effectively. This means that go get frustrated and move on to your competition.

2. Lack of Focus

It’s true that your website should inform visitors about your products and services, but it’s also true that your website to give them a guide for what to do next. Your website to have a very clear call to action, and should detail each of the steps that your visitor should take to do business with you. It’s great to offer a service that your visitors looking for, but how did they get a hold of you in order to actually become customer? You need to make this process as smooth as it is absolutely possible.

3. Not paying attention to SEO

SEO is always important and vital to consider when building a new website. If you were spending the money, time, effort and investing resources on a new website, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. If you can’t hire an SEO expert there still many things that you can do to increase your visibility in search engines. Make sure that your content is rich in the keywords that you are targeting, but don’t overdo it. It’s also important to pay special attention to the titles of your pages and headings, as they play a large role in search engine rankings.

You have probably seen some of these mistakes in action when you browse the Web. Stand out from your competition, and don’t make the same mistakes.  At CyberOptik we want to make sure that you’re NOT one of those business owners, and to always give you the edge.  Your website’s success is our specialty.  You can reach us at (630) 296-6932 or use our free proposal request form.