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CyberOptik has been around since 2002 and we'll be around for many years to come. As you consider different firms for your web project, keep in mind that we'll be here not only for your current project but also for your future updates, expansions and redesigns.

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What to Expect From Your Logo Designer

Posted in Branding

So you’re designing a logo, and you made the wise decision of hiring an experienced design firm. Your logo is an essential part of your business branding and its importance can’t be understated. Once you’ve embarked on this wonderful journey, what should you expect in the form of deliverables? Multiple File Formats If your logo Read more ›


Mobile Consumer Usage Statistics That Might Shock You

Smartphones and mobile devices are immensely popular. They make up a significant portion of website traffic and mobile users are using their devices to do more and more online. As these trends continue, we can only expect mobile devices to play an even greater part in business. The following statistics might be surprising, but they Read more ›


10 Ways to Grow Your Business With Google+

Posted in Social Media

Google Plus is a social media site that lets users share photos, listen to music together, play games and meet up in chat. But it’s also becoming a useful tool for business owners to establish a presence with an ever-growing crowd of active social networking users. Google+ is now one of the best ways to Read more ›