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The Importance of Mobile Websites

Fact: Between 2009 and 2011, mobile website browsing grew by 1000%.  That means mobile browsing market share increased from less than 1% up to 7% in under two years.

According to a recent study in March 2012 by Opera, a web browsing company, showed that 43% of respondents say that mobile web is their primary means of accessing the Internet. This trend shows no sign of stopping, and on the current course the mobile Web is poised to replace the traditional web by 2015 according to research firm IDC.

Considering the strength of mobile growth and the spread of advanced mobile devices, having a mobile friendly experience for your website is vitally important. Having a traditional website simply isn’t enough any more. In addition to being more difficult to navigate and view on a smaller screen, much of the functionality of a normal website is simply unusable on mobile devices.

What Does a Mobile Website do Differently?

Mobile websites are created specifically to work on mobile and smart phone devices.  Your mobile website is expected to load within 3-5 seconds, and every second longer than this results in abandoned viewers and frustrated visitors.

For more information on mobile websites, view our video below or contact us about getting a mobile website online today for your business.

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