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Keeping Social Media Professional

Social media is all about making connections with others and expressing the personality of your business. But it can easily become too personal. As a professional in your field, you need to make sure to take the higher road in all cases, and keep your interactions personable but not too personal.

It’s easy for hot topics to get anybody worked up. But a business on social media is still a business. There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed if you want to maintain your professionalism on social networking.

Personal Views Can Damage Your Reputation

There are many personal and political issues that come up every day which we all have strong opinions about. Regardless of how just or correct you might feel you are, and even if you are just and correct, there are going to be millions of people in the world who might disagree. Your business reputation could be at stake if you take your opinions too far.

When you publish a post to your Facebook page or Twitter feed, it goes into the public domain and can be permanently etched into your company’s history. In this day and age it’s dead-simple to post a quick update or comment on another individual’s post without even thinking about it. But sometimes you can’t take it back.

Always check yourself before posting and make sure your post goes along with your business goals and statement – not just your personal goals and bias.

Personal Problems and Family Issues

Sometimes companies make the dreaded mistake of getting way too personal and bringing up deeply personal issues. This can be a fine line to walk. Some issues are perfectly appropriate – if you run a small community oriented business, it might be wonderful for you to include your customers in the “goings-on” of your family life, or to notify them of personal setbacks that may affect business.

But if you start posting drama from your relationships, complaining about other people or making nasty remarks, you have probably crossed the line.

Always remember that your social media platforms are an extension of your business and should reflect your brand name – not your personal name.

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