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How to Use Foursquare to Promote Your Business

Getting your business on Foursquare can be a potent way to gain local exposure. It can help locals quickly and easily find your business right from their mobile phone, and has the immense benefit of targeting only those people who are both local and directly interested in your products and services.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a social media website for location-based mobile devices. It is designed to help people find local business that offer products and services they are interested in. For example, individuals often use Foursquare to discover a restaurant or bar in their vicinity; often right before they head out to the location.

Foursquare business listings allow businesses to get listed in Foursquare results, and allow customers and users to publish reviews and ratings on these businesses.

As a business owner, you can create a new listing or claim your listing and use it to edit information, manage your reviews and connect with new customers.

Before creating or claiming a business listing, you will need to establish a standard Foursquare account. You can easily register for free in a few minutes.

Finding Your Venue

Venues are what Foursquare calls their listings. Before you create a new venue, search Foursquare for your business to see if it is already listed. If it is, you can claim the listing.

Once you have found your listing, Foursquare will walk you through the process of claiming it. You will need to verify your ownership by accepting their terms of service and receiving a phone call at your location’s phone number.

Adding a New Business Listing

If your business is not already listed in Foursquare, you can add a new venue. Look for the “Add this place” button and click it.

You will be prompted to enter some basic information about your business. Be sure to fill this information out accurately and completely. Enter your company name, address, as well as nearby streets (which help visitors more easily find your establishment). Be sure to enter your information accurately and watch out for typos and proper use of capitalization.

Selecting a Category

Now you will need to select an appropriate category for your listing. Categories include items such as Food, Nightlife Spot, Outdoors & Recreation and Travel & Transport. After selecting a primary category you will be given a list of subcategories to choose from.

Business Tools

After adding or claiming your Foursquare listing you can take advantage of their free business tools. These tools include posting updates about your events and latest product offerings.

You can also add Special for rewarding customers or attracting new customers to your venue. Specials can be discounts on certain items, rewards memberships or free items.

Foursquare also provides analytics data based on the check-in information from your customers. Review this data once you have some visitors using the service to determine what kind of special and deals are going to perform the best for your business.

Integrating Foursquare with Facebook and Twitter

There are a number of special features offered by Foursquare that are useful for your business – one of these is the easy integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

By integrating your Foursquare profile with your social media channels, your social media followers can see your Foursquare updates, reviews and other items directly from your Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. Foursquare will also publish and share your social media activity on your Foursquare profile. Integrating all of these channels can help you leverage each of these resources to their fullest.

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