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How to Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business

There are currently billions of people registered on the major social media sites. It’s great to have a presence on all the major social networking websites, but it’s more important to be active on the networks that are most relevant to your business. There are some differences between the major social media sites, and tapping into the right channels is key to making the most of your time and energy.


In order to find out which platform is the best for your business, consider some of the following:

  • Facebook is the undisputed leader in sheer size. It attracts a diverse crowd that is made up of everyone from students to professionals. Facebook can be used by nearly any business to tap into new customers and fans, but it also has such a diverse and massive crowd that it takes effort to carve out your niche on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is the only large social media site that specializes in professional industries. The connections you make on LinkedIn might be harder to come by, but under the right circumstances they can be tremendously valuable. There are also some features not present for LinkedIn company pages, like ratings and reviews, which are available on other networks.
  • Twitter makes social media dead simple, but it also cuts out most of the features you find on other networking sites. Twitter is a valuable tool for creating a social media channel with minimal effort, and is tremendously popular. But it also lacks in brand definition and extra features that networks like Facebook provide. There are also certain segments of the population that aren’t comfortable with the kind of interactions that Twitter offers.
  • YouTube is one of the more overlooked yet most popular social media sites. We all know YouTube as a video sharing site, but it also lets people follow your updates and it allows businesses and professionals to create channels to feature their content. YouTube is an ideal platform for releasing catchy videos and resources that users could find helpful. It can also help to get more prominent listings in Google.
  • Google Plus has a very large number of users due to the integration with Google search and Google Accounts, but it also has limited reach within many social groups. Local businesses will find it to be a great tool since it allows companies to integrate more tightly with Google search results and local search.
  • Pinterest is a unique social media site in that it revolves around images. This can be an excellent place for businesses to build their brand and culture by sharing unique and wonderful images that people can share. Posting shots of unique products in use, prototype products or concepts can be a great way to get people talking about your brand and passing easy to digest visuals around the Web.

As mentioned, the ideal way for any business to use social media marketing is to get engaged on the appropriate level on all the major social networking sites. But for most small businesses, you need to draw the line somewhere as you have limited resources and time. By reviewing and selecting the right social media networks to get engaged in, you can maximize your investment and ensure that your hard work pays off in the long run.

If you’d like help with your social media or have questions about what social media platforms we would recommend for your business, we would love to help you, get in touch.

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