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How Pinterest Can Boost Your Business Today

Pinterest is an immensely popular social media website that lets you share pictures on personal “pinboards”. Images are incredibly easy to share and pass around, and have led to Pinterest being one of the most frequented social media sites on the Web. Pinterest can be leveraged by offline businesses to gain visibility and to connect directly with customers.

What Should You Pin?

Pinterest is only limited by your imagination. While you might not want to pin pictures from your bachelor party, creativity is really what sets the most popular pins apart. Pin images that capture the spirit of your business and have a compelling visual story to tell.

Show off Your Products

Showcasing your products is the most straightforward way to start using Pinterest for your business. Don’t just take your boring old catalog shots and start sharing them all – find creative ways to make them interesting. If your products already have amazing and compelling design elements, they may already be well suited for a pin. But even the most boring products can be turned into an interesting pin. Show your products in action! Do you sell copy paper? Pretty boring, I know. But what about making photocopies while skydiving?! It might be silly (and dangerous, and unrealistic), but it’s bound to go viral. Think outside the box – that’s what Pinterest does best.

A Tour of Your Facility

You can still use Pinterest to show off some of the more mundane aspects of your business. While it might not be wildly interesting, sharing a tour of your store or factory can give customers a glimpse “behind the curtain” that is actually strangely enticing to many people. It shows that you have a human side, and helps to establish a connection between your faceless brand name and the actual employees creating the products behind the scenes.

Use Pinterest Creatively

It can’t be emphasized enough that Pinterest is really an ideal outlet for letting your creativity shine. People love to re-pin the most creative and visually striking photos. If you’re having a shortage of creative ideas, you can leverage your social media channels and existing customer base to get some creative shots. Hold a contest and invite your customers and users to submit shots of themselves using your products in creative or funny ways. Share the best ones on your pinboards and give credit. If somebody gets their photo featured on your pinboard they are also very likely to repin it themselves and share it with their friends.

Showcase Events and Videos

If you have offline events, presentations, staff parties or other gatherings, get lots of great photos and images to share on Pinterest. Select the best of the best – the funniest, most creative and interesting ones to pin.

How You Profit from Pinterest

Creating a plan for your Pinterest usage can be helpful. While you don’t want to restrict yourself or stifle your creativity, following a general strategy and outline for Pinterest usage can benefit you in the long run.

Integrate Everything

Leverage all of your social channels, your website, blog and offline networking to build up your Pinterest following. You can add “Pin This” buttons on your website and blog to get your content and images shared, and invite people to follow you on Pinterest at the next event you attend. Like with all social network, don’t put up too many walls. Make it extremely easy to connect, and don’t miss an opportunity to invite.

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