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How Can Promote and Grow Your Business is a professional event organization website where individuals with similar interests can organize offline events. Meetup lets business leverage the power of the Internet to get customers engaged offline. is currently the largest social media site for offline group organization.

How to Create a Meetup Group

In order to utilize you should start by creating a meetup group related to your business.

There are many Meetup groups out there, so you should start by selecting a topic for your group that targets your business demographic as specifically as possible. By selecting a narrow target group, you let potential candidates weed out the many groups out there that aren’t relevant.

Where should you start? Being by identifying what your customers are concerned about. What would they really like help with? What kind of people would they like to network with? Once you find a specific problem your customers need help with, it can provide a great focus for a group.

It’s important to recognize that your Meetup group isn’t specifically about your business. You can utilize Meetup groups to market your business indirectly, but it’s unlikely that your customers will go out of their way just to talk about your business. You need to select a topic that’s related to your industry but is interesting and relevant to your customers.

Hold Regular Meetups

Once you have established your Meetup group through, you can start holding regular events that are sponsored by your business. They can be informal groups, seminars or workshops that engage other professionals. Depending on your industry and the types of customers you have, you might have a highly structured meeting or just a casual chat over snacks.

Meetup groups are successful when you have an audience. If you lack any existing customers or at least a network of individuals to get the ball rolling, it will be challenging to attract new members as well as retain existing members.

Promote Your Meetup Group

There are lots of ways you can promote your meetup group. Start by posting an announcement on your website and mentioning the meetup on your own blog. Announce the meetup on all of your social accounts, share it with your friends and colleagues and add the announcement to your email signature. will also provide you with a logo that you can place on your website to promote your group. You can find the logo on your group’s “Promote” page. The HTML code is easy to copy & paste to your website and will help promote your group to all your visitors.

There are also many other resources for promoting your group on your “Promote” page. You can find business cards, postcards, signs, nametags and custom logos. Take full advantage of these resources to promote your group to the fullest.

Using Meetup Groups to Promote Your Busines

While your business shouldn’t be the central topic of your Meetup group, you can still promote your business indirectly in your group. One method is simply to offer freebies to your members. For example, giving away free samples of your products to attendees and including your business card or a discount for your services.

Using to Network

You don’t have to use your own groups exclusively. Joining other groups and taking part in other Meetups can be a great opportunity to present yourself and your business to like-minded individuals, potential customers and potential business partners. Forming relationships that can later turn into business opportunities can be the most powerful way to utilize for those new to the scene.

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