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Devoting Time to Your Social Media Presence

If you are considering social media as a tool for your business, or if you’re already active on social media, you probably understand how beneficial social networks can be for your business. But it doesn’t just end at creating a profile. Managing your social media presence and making the most of these networks takes time and work.


Consider some of the following tasks that go into building and managing a social media presence.

Take some time to devote the appropriate resources and sketch out a plan for who has responsibility, and how long these elements will take. You will find that moving forward with your eyes open will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.

  • Setting up Social Profiles. Before you can dig in and start networking and posting, you need to establish your basic social profiles. This usually means entering all of your basic business information and details, profile pictures and other graphics. It’s extremely important to be consistent with the information you provide here. If you have a different slogan posted on each social media site, it’s going to confuse users and present a different brand to different channels. Also plan on devoting time to developing the right graphics and optimizing the content you will be presenting. Poorly formatted graphics on your social profiles can make you look very unprofessional.
  • Sharing Content. Staying active on your social media profiles is one of the most important things you can do. A vacant profile might tell your fans and customers that you’re not paying attention to your business. In addition to posting short, useful updates and posts, make sure to deliver content that’s going to get shared. This is where you website’s content strategy plays a big role. Every time you publish a new piece of content or a great article, make sure to post it on your social profiles and get as many shares as you can.
  • Interacting. Just talking about yourself isn’t enough! It’s vital to interact with your fans and users. When people stop by to post a question or comment, never ignore them. If it’s a negative comment, you can still turn the situation to your advantage by posting a response that shows you are handling the problem, or at the least, dealing with it in a professional manner. If people are asking questions about your products or services, don’t hesitate in getting a response out immediately. They may be considering a purchase, and their questions may also be useful to future customers.

Social media marketing can work for your business, but it takes time and effort. You don’t need to devote yourself to it full-time, but by planning ahead a little bit and understanding the basic things you need to take care of, you’ll see your social media presence grow and will truly make the most of it.

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