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10 Ways YouTube Can Build Your Business & Brand

YouTube has evolved over the years from a simple video sharing website to a virtual television station. Even the President of the United States is broadcasting his State of the Union Address on YouTube. With millions upon millions of daily views, YouTube is a powerful medium for promoting your business, and it’s vital that understand how to use it. Here are 10 helpful tips for increasing your YouTube presence.

  1. Keyword Optimize – YouTube is owned by Google, and videos sometimes appear higher in search results. Make sure that your tags and video descriptions are keyword-optimized. You might want to also optimize the actual video contents, as some professionals predict Google to start using voice recognition and incorporating this into search results.
  2. Show Your Expertise – You don’t just want to sell yourself. You want to show your expertise. Find a problem related to your industry and help present a solution. Offering tips, tricks, and handy solutions to common problems in your field is the key to more views on your videos.
  3. Show Your Products in Action – Don’t just use YouTube to showcase your products sitting on a table. Show them in action. Get out there and show your customers what your products can do, and test their limits. Make them exciting, and take advantage of video to show off what your products can really accomplish.
  4. Keep Your Videos Short – Longer videos tend to get viewed less. The most effective length of a video is under five minutes. Typically, you should aim for videos that last around three to four minutes. Otherwise, people will get bored and simply click away.
  5. Give Them a Sneak Peek – Use video to bring your customers behind the curtain. Show what your business is really like and what is going on behind the scenes.
  6. Socialize and Subscribe – YouTube is a video website, but it’s also a social media site like Facebook or Twitter. Don’t just push your own videos – subscribe to other people’s channels, share videos you like, and get engaged in comments.
  7. Customize Your Channel – Take advantage of all the customization options there are for make your channel unique. Tweak the colors and themes to match your business brand as closely as possible.
  8. Production Schedule – Try your best to stick to a schedule. Post regularly so that viewers stay interested and stay subscribed. People will forget about you completely if you haven’t posted a video in six months.
  9. Embed Everywhere – Utilize YouTube embed codes to add your videos to other social media websites, to your blog and your website. This can help views on your YouTube videos and increase your subscriber base, as well as enriching your other social media streams.
  10. Use Humor – Funny videos tend to spread virally. If you can make somebody laugh, you engage them on an emotional level and you also give them an incentive to share with their friends and family. The last time you heard a great joke, didn’t you want to tell everyone you know?

You can usually get away with using the video camera on a decent smartphone, or even a webcam on your computer. But it’s important to get reasonably high quality videos on your channel, or you’ll just be turning people away. If your YouTube channel starts to get really popular, you might consider upgrading to some real video equipment to maintain your professional appearance.

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