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10 Ways You Can Grow Your Business With Pinterest

Pinterest has grown massively since its inception in 2012. Pinterest is a unique social media network that allows users to share “pins” of graphics and photographs that catch their interest. It’s a visuall oriented and extremely powerful way to spread images of your products and company culture.

Pinterest can also play a powerful role in helping your business grow and expanding your brand awareness. With over 70 million users and growing, Pinterest is one of the top 5 social media sites online.

  1. Pinterest Business Accounts. Similar to personal accounts, Pinterest also offers business accounts targeted at companies and organizations who want a presence on Pinterest. You can list your full business information and details instead of just your personal information.
  2. Analytics Tools. Pinterest offers its own analytics and tracking tools that let you monitor how many people are sharing, liking and “re-pinning” your posts. There are also some powerful third-party tools that let you track Pinterest activity in greater depth.
  3. Huge Traffic. Pinterest has a huge number of users and gets a tremendous amount of traffic every day. If you can figure out how to tap into this tremendous user base of 70+ million users, you can bring troves of new customers to your business.
  4. Backlinks. By adding pins that point back to images on your own website, you can build up links back to your domain. When users share, pin and re-pin your pins, you will be getting more clicks and more traffic to your company website.
  5. Social Sharing. Pinterest also has built-in tools for sharing your pins with other popular social media sites. Connecting all of your social media activities is an important step to making the most of social networks.
  6. Study Buyer Behavior. Pinterest is a great tool for studying how target customers shop, what their interests and preferences are and what their online behavior is like. You can keep tabs on your customers and related users and see what is trending from day to day.
  7. Video Galleries and Blogs. You aren’t just limited to photos. Local businesses can post videos and spread product features, tutorials and resources to gain even more exposure.
  8. Unlimited Boards. Pinterest lets you organize pins into boards with specific topics. These boards can be used to categorize your content and give users an easy way to selectively view what interests them.
  9. Contests and Giveaways. Using Pinterest Pin It To Win It contents, you can hold giveaways and contests for your users and draw in new customers.
  10. Personality. Give your business some personality! Pinterest lets you share some insight into your company’s character and the people behind your business. It’s a refreshing step away from traditional business that modern consumers adore.

Pinterest doesn’t favor self-promotion, so you need to be careful about how and what you post. Posting ads taken directly from your weekly paper is a bad idea. Posting amazing images of your next prototype product is a powerful way to get interest and spread your brand name. When used correctly, Pinterest can be a pivotal part of your social media strategy.

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