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10 Ways to Build Your Brand With Google+

Google+ is the social media website run by Google. Google+ is fully integrated with other Google properties like Gmail and YouTube. While Google+ is still relatively new compared to Facebook, it presents a great opportunity. Google+ already has over 20 million users and the number is growing each day. Create a Google+ account for your business to give you an advantage in Google searches and take advantage of the features that help you build your brand. Here are 10 effective ways to use Google+ to build your brand.

  1. Write a Powerful Description – The short description of your company is what will usually show up in search results for your page. It should grab people’s attention, and summarize in as few words as possible what you stand for and what you do.
  2. Have a Personality – Unlike a business blog or white paper, social media leans toward the personal side. Let your personality shine on Google+ and all other social media sites, as it helps to connect people emotionally to your brand.
  3. Add Scrapbook Photos – Google+ lets you add photos at the top of your profile. These photos are called ‘Scrapbook Photos’ and can be used creatively to attract attention and brand your company. You can also change these photos regularly to keep things fresh.
  4. Monitor Trends with Sparks – The Sparks feature of Google+ allows you to search using keywords and find out what is trending. You can then post these trends on your Google+ page to show your fans what’s going on in the industry. This can help you to brand your company as an expert who knows what’s going on.
  5. Tell Them about Yourself – Take some time to write a great “About” page that tells people who you are, what you do and reinforces your brand message. Feel free to use your real name and link your “About” page to your personal Google+ profile so you can put a human face on it.
  6. Delete Unused Tabs – Google+ offers you a number of tabs automatically, but there are many you won’t use. Remove the ones you aren’t using so that they don’t clutter up your profile. When you click on ‘Edit Profile,’ you’ll see where you can delete them.
  7. Post Thoughtfully – While you want your personality to shine through on Google+, take the time to think through your posts. Facebook and Twitter tend to be more personal and unprofessional, but Google+ pages are often slightly geared toward a more professional audience. Try to keep this in mind when publishing new content.
  8. Share Regularly – Make it a habit to share your Google+ updates on other social media channels as well. For Google Chrome users, you can download a program called Extend Share. Extend Share gives you the option to automatically share your posts to Facebook and other social media sites, allowing you to brand across platforms easily.
  9. Create a Hangout – Hangouts let you do live video chats and webinars through Google+. Find a topic related to your industry and create your own Hangout. This gives your fans a chance to interact directly with you.
  10. Avoid Shameless Self-Promotion – Google+ shouldn’t be used only to promote your own brand name and marketing message. Take time to view other people’s posts, share useful content and like other social media channels, keep your customers in mind.

Google+ might be among the newer social media channels, but it’s growing consistently. The audience on Google+ differs from Facebook and Twitter in some positive ways; there are more professionals and industry experts than you will find on Facebook, for example. Create some clear and simple objectives for your Google+ page and stick to them.

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