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10 Ways LinkedIn Can Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is a social networking site geared towards professionals. LinkedIn helps you connect with other professionals in your field and share resources, experience and knowledge. LinkedIn has become an expansive network of professionals, and when used correctly can be of great benefit to your business.

LinkedIn lags behind Facebook with around 225 million users, but it’s no small fry. The smaller community has a different composition than Facebook, and is used differently. You will still find people on LinkedIn who you will never connect with on Facebook – which for many users is still a personal network.

LinkedIn, when used correctly, can be a powerful social media marketing tool.

Here are some of the best ways to utilize LinkedIn to expand your own business:

  1. Recommendations. Recommendations allow other LinkedIn users to provide a testimonial of your work. When you have recommendations from key figures in a network, it can go a long way toward benefiting your reputation and getting you new connections and business.
  2. LinkedIn Groups. Groups let you connect with other like-minded professionals outside of your network. Groups provide a good way to show your expertise on a subject, by getting active and participating to help out other users.
  3. Making Connections. Of course, one of the most straightforward and obvious ways to utilize LinkedIn is to expand your professional network. Instead of going for sheer number of connections, put time and effort into establishing connections with individuals that you can actually help, and vice versa.
  4. Company Pages. LinkedIn company pages let you create a full profile for your business, post updates, and get followers. For a business on LinkedIn, this is an essential first step.
  5. LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn also provides paid advertising options to promote your business actively on LinkedIn. You can set a budget, and pay only when your links are clicked on.
  6. LinkedIn Premium. Premium LinkedIn accounts add some useful features to your LinkedIn account. While not free, they allow you a greater number of InMails so that you can seek out new connections and communicate directly with people inbox more aggressively.
  7. Recommending Others. Instead of just waiting for recommendations or requesting them from everyone on your network, offer recommendations to those you have worked with.
  8. Connect With Other Social Media. Connect your LinkedIn account & profile with your other social media accounts to make the most of your connections across all networks.
  9. Answer Relevant Questions. The Answers section of LinkedIn lets you help other professionals with your expertise. This can be a good way to establish your expertise in your field and get new connections at the same time.
  10. Photos & Videos. Great images still capture a lot of attention. Posting great media, images and videos to your LinkedIn page can attract more eyes and increase the possibility of getting your content shared.

Like all social media, LinkedIn takes time and effort to be effective for your business. By investing a little time each week, you’ll eventually see your hard work pay off in new connections and followers.

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