Public Library in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago

Through its collections, programs, and services the Glenview Public Library provides access to the world of information and ideas for its vibrant, diverse community.

The Challenge

The Glenview Library wanted a site that was clean and minimal so that they could grow it themselves, and their patrons could easily navigate it and find what they need.

The Solution

We developed the site with this simplicity in mind at every level. The design, navigations, and content are all refined to be minimal and effective. We also kept this principle in mind when creating the tools for the Library to manage their site.

Client's Results

The custom management tools we created for the Glenview Library staff have given them the autonomy they desired to manage and grow their website since it's launch in 2017 with little need for outside help.

Minimalist Modern Web Design

The team at Glenview had a single goal in mind for their new site: Simplicity. We crafted a design that cuts out all the riff-raff and gets right to the point. Care was put into every step to ensure that patrons can find the information they need with just a couple of clicks and they can do it on any computer or mobile device with ease.

Desktop Cutout
mobile phone

Resource Database

We created a custom database that the library staff can easily update and manage themselves. The resources are organized alphabetically and by category.

Intuitive Navigation

The many resources of the Glenview Library required a creative menu solution. We developed a columned dropdown menu that can be customized and updated by the library staff. We also incorporated a search feature that can toggle between the library catalog and site pages.

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