Of all the miraculous advantages online marketing has brought us, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has to rank high on the list.


This process allows businesses to target specific keyword searches and other parameters so that their ads appear only to people who likely would be interested in their type of product or service.  A PPC campaign, often in conjunction with unique landing pages, is the perfect compliment to a powerful SEO strategy.

The versatility of PPC advertising is amazing.  You can specify for your ad to appear on standard computers, mobile devices or both.  You can also direct your ad to a specific geographic area such as a particular city, county or state as well as to a precise radius surrounding a given location (example: a 25-mile radius around the Chicago metro area).

In the “old days,” when print advertising was all that was available, companies spent big money to place an ad and then prayed that people in their market segment would pay attention.  With PPC, you go directly to your most likely prospects, AND you pay only when those prospects click your ad to learn more about you.

But like with everything in the realm of online marketing, the best PPC campaigns are launched by people who know the right protocols for setting up and managing the program.  CyberOptik understands the full scope of PPC advertising, and we’re able to use it to bring you the best returns.

With sound PPC strategies, success is just a click away.

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