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Why You’re Losing Customers if You Don’t Go Mobile

Millions of consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablet devices to make purchasing decisions every day. People are searching for information, directions to businesses, comparing prices and buying on the go more than ever. Not having a mobile website for your business can not only lose you potential customers, but existing customers as well.

Local Search

According to the Local Search Association, one of the world’s largest print, digital, and social media trade associations, the amount of local searches made on mobile phones and mobile tablets quadrupled in 2012. By the end of 2013, this number will only get higher.

When people use a mobile device to search for local services or products, they are looking for quick results. They are often ready to make a purchase or buying decision at that moment, and if you aren’t ready for them they will just go to a competitor.

Problem Websites

Many mobile devices can still load and view traditional websites. Chances are, they will still be able to see your website, but it could present a lot of unforeseen problems.

Slow load times, technology that doesn’t work on mobile devices, and confusing or overwhelming graphics and layouts can end up driving them away.

Not only do you lose the sale, but you tarnish your brand name.

At least 72% of mobile users place significant importance for purchasing decisions on mobile-friendly sites that help them find what they need quickly and in a pleasant way.

Most people never return to a website that gave them problems, and probably complained to friends about it as well.

The Future of Local Search

The popularity of mobile devices to perform local searches is only going to grow. It’s still absolutely important to have a traditional website that makes the most of desktop technology, but it’s becoming equally as important to cater to mobile users. They are no longer just a small percentage of your visitor base.

With the tremendous growth of smartphone users, it would be unfortunate for your company to leave customers out in the cold when they come looking to you for help. It is literally letting profit slip through your fingers.

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