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What Is The Difference Between a Mobile Website and a Traditional Website?

The emergence of powerful smartphones and tablets has increased the number of mobile website users significantly. There are literally billions of people utilizing their phones to browse the Internet and discover products and services. But mobile websites aren’t exactly the same as traditional websites.

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For small business owners and professionals, it’s important to understand the differences and how mobile websites can help your company.

Speed – Page size, Images & Resources

Mobile websites are designed to be leaner and faster than traditional websites.

Mobile website users require less bandwidth consumption and faster loading speeds to make their experience a pleasant one. Additionally, the fast paced world of mobile devices doesn’t have much patience. Loading many megabytes of images on a mobile device will quickly lose you a customer.

The optimized version of your website designed for a mobile device will make the user’s experience faster and more pleasant than a traditional website design.

Different URLs or Domains

The mobile version of a website will often have a different URL or subdomain.

This can help by detecting the device a user is on, then redirecting them to the appropriate URL. For example, a mobile user might be redirected to or even

Flash and Multimedia

The majority of mobile devices can’t view special content like Adobe Flash. It’s important to keep these special technologies in mind that might still be unavailable on mobile platforms.

There are many details that set these two types of web designs apart. But essentially, mobile websites are specially geared towards mobile users and ensure that they have the best possible browsing experience on their device.

You don’t want to drive away potential customers, and mobile users are taking up an ever-growing share of the Internet crowd. It’s vital to understand what it takes to make their experience a positive one.

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