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What is a Mobile Website and Why Should You Care?

What’s the big deal with mobile websites? How are they so different from a typical website designed for desktop users? And why should you even care? Well, it’s predicted that by 2015 mobile website users will actually exceed desktop users in terms of Internet searches, website views and emailing. This transition from the desktop to the mobile Web has an important impact on your business. In this article we’ll take a look at exactly what a mobile website is.


Mobile devices typically have much smaller screens, slower download speeds and different modes of interaction (like swiping and tapping). Users input information differently, and use different tools to get around the Web.

With these significant differences, mobile websites are really just websites that are designed to cater to mobile users. At the least, they present a cleaner, leaner design for visitors. At the best, they fully integrate with the different features and functionality of mobile devices and take full advantage of the unique interactive modes.

For small business owners, it’s imperative to have a mobile website as most consumers are now accessing the web via their mobile devices.

  • A mobile website is a cleaner, leaner website optimized for mobile use. People who search for your business or products from a mobile device are presented with an experience that is easy and helpful, not confusing and slow.
  • Mobile websites simplify navigation so users can get around using taps and swipes.
  • Mobile websites leave out some of the more complex graphics and design elements and focus on content. They must make it easy to access the information needed.
  • Mobile websites must integrate well with your full website, but provide specific content and information for mobile users.
  • Mobile websites present some new opportunities for marketing and promoting. There are many mobile apps and tools for utilizing coupons, promotions, business check-ins and much more.

Smartphones and mobile devices are only getting more popular. It’s essential to make your business website play nicely on mobile platforms, and the time is now.

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