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How to Get the Most Mileage from Mobile

Mobile marketing is becoming a huge part of the online world, and it is here to stay. More and more people are using smartphones every day, and it’s getting more and more important to integrate your offline business with these mobile devices. Your business absolutely needs to be taking advantage of this trend in mobile computing, and here are several ways to do that.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices

Most offline businesses tend to think only about getting a website online, and they forget about what visitors are seeing on mobile devices. It is important to understand that when you’re creating a mobile website it doesn’t mean that it’s just going to be easier for your customers; it is essential. The type of websites that are meant for desktop computers are usually easy on mobile devices. This means that your business needs its own mobile version of your website.

Mobile website usually have a simpler layout, and use less text and unnecessary graphics. More of your content needs to be above the fold, meaning that users don’t have to scroll or pan around your website to find it. It’s also harder to enter text in a mobile device, so keep text input to a minimum. Design the mobile website so that it’s easy to navigate with fingers and thumbs instead of a mouse.

Create Mobile Landing Pages

The landing pages on your website designed for desktop computers aren’t going to work the same on a mobile device. Just like your website, your landing page should be designed with mobile devices in mind. The loading time of your mobile website must be fast because mobile users have a short attention span and will click elsewhere. Mobile devices also typically have slower connections and using less bandwidth is important. Any time that a visitor needs to enter information into a form, it should be kept to a minimum, because entering text on a mobile phone can be difficult. Make use of mobile features like click to call, where you can just click a button and call automatically.

Help Them Find You

People use their smart phones to find shops in the local area. Nearly every smartphone is equipped with a GPS chip. What this means is that you can create an interactive map on your website and automatically sense where the customer is to provide a map and directions for them. This makes it much easier for them to find your store, and promotes local growth significantly.

Enhance Your Website Shopping Experience With QR Codes

Another excellent way to improve shopping in your offline store is to use QR codes. QR codes are similar to barcodes but contain more information. When a customer scans a QR code with their smartphone, it will automatically redirect them to a specific page on your website. There are many ways to use QR codes, for example people can scan a code and instantly like or share your business on Facebook. You can also offer special discounts or deals using QR codes on the items in your store so that when they are scanned, the items are added to an online wish list

In order to use mobile effectively in your offline store, take advantage of the unique features that smartphones offer. Using the built-in GPS capabilities and other functions available to make the most of your user’s experience. There is a reason that your customers like to use their smart phones, so integrating these features well into your shopping experience will make them more likely to spend time there.

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