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How Mobile Websites Can Help Connect You To Customers

It isn’t hard to imagine what it would be like to seek out information on a business or product and be greeted with a slow, broken, unusable website. Unfortunately it happens to millions of people every day. It also destroys millions of potential customers every day! This is exactly the situation many of your prospects are in if you aren’t catering to mobile devices with your website. Let’s look at how a great mobile website will help you connect with your customers.


When a mobile visitor comes to your website, what do they see?

If your site is designed for desktop computers, there is a good chance they will see a big mess. Slow load times, pages that don’t fit their screen, images that aren’t formatted well, links that they can’t click. If this is their first experience with your brand, you can rest assured it will also be the last.

What sets a mobile website apart from the rest?

  • Clean Interaction. Mobile websites are tailored for on-the-go users. Visitors who want an answer now without sifting through a bunch of pages.
  • Fast Load Times. Mobile users expect – no, need – rapid loading times. Mobile devices can often be connected over networks that just can’t keep up. If they have to wait for ten seconds just to see your site begin to load, they won’t be sticking around.
  • Simple Layout. A clean, simple layout makes your website easier to use on a mobile device. The interaction on a mobile platform is far different from that of a PC. You must cater to this type of interaction.
  • Less Scrolling. When you’re using a smaller screen, you often need to scroll and swipe a lot more to get around. This can be frustrating and time consuming if you’re dumping pages and pages of content on a tiny little screen. Mobile websites should be optimized to utilize the smaller screen real estate more effectively.
  • Call To Action. Mobile websites should have a clear call to action where it can be tapped or swiped with no hassle. Don’t waste time or screen space making them search for it. This makes mobile marketing efforts much more effective.
  • Fewer Graphics. Less images and graphics means faster loading times for mobile users.
  • Social Media Integration. Mobile users are often very active social users. Integrating social features with your mobile website can leverage this important userbase.

By paying attention to these important points, you can make sure that you are able to communicate effectively with your website visitors. Removing all the barriers to creating that first phone call or email is essential, and a new set of rules must be followed for mobile users.

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