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More and more companies today appreciate the convenience and personalized service they get when the people who developed their websites also host them. CyberOptik has a full menu of hosting plans to meet the specific requirements of your company or organization.

You want maximum performance from your website hosting firm, and that’s exactly what you get from us.  Our state-of-the-art servers are highly UNDER-utilized, which means our hosting clients enjoy a performance level that’s unparalleled.  An added benefit – if we created your site in WordPress, we’ll keep the site itself and all of its installed plugins up to date at no charge.

  • We host fewer than 100 sites (as opposed to thousands or tens of thousands like some “budget” hosting companies), so you’ll have all the power and speed you need without the technical problems common with so-called “low-cost” hosting.
  • When we host your site, it’s as secure as it can be, thanks to regular, comprehensive security sweeps that catch issues before they become problems.
  • Your website is safely backed up daily, and we keep 10 or more backed-up versions of your most up-to-date website, just in case something weird happens.
  • You’ll enjoy 99.9% or greater uptime, or we’ll host your site for free.

When we host your site, it’s as secure as it can be.

CyberOptik has managed its own servers since 2001.

We’ve got the expertise and flexibility to provide the highest level of hosting services for your website.

Speed. Power. Flexibility. Confidence.
That’s great web hosting.

To learn about individual hosting plans and decide which plan is best for your business, call CyberOptik at (630) 296-6932.

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