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5 Tips to Optimize Video Marketing

Google has been growing and changing rapidly. The gigantic search engine now has a much more extensive set of results that include photos, videos, new and more. One of the key advantages of videos is that stick out in search results with a thumbnail and favorable positioning. Taking advantage of the power of video marketing can give you the advantage in search results. Here are some tips on optimizing your videos for the most effective results.

Creating great videos and sharing them are essential to your video marketing strategy, but there are other factors that have an effect on search positioning and sharing as well.

1. Video Keywords

Keywords are the top phrases and words that describe your video. When marketing YouTube videos, you have the option of including keywords and phrases along with a custom title and description. Select keywords that accurately represent your video content, but also target your customer demographic and highlight popular searches.

2. Video Embedding

Embedding your videos lets you distribute your video content more widely. Instead of just sharing on your social networks and in emails, embed your videos on your website and other channels to increase the number of views and exposure.

3. Cross Linking Videos

In addition to embedding videos on your website and sharing with your users, post them to all of your social media accounts. Link between your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts and share them in as many channels as possible.

4. Choose the Right Length for Videos

The average video view times on YouTube are around four minutes, and a typical average for business related videos on the Web is a little over three minutes. If your video is too long, it puts up a barrier for people to view and share it quickly. While sometimes longer videos are called for, keeping an average length of 3-4 minutes helps reach the maximum number of viewers.

5. Keep Videos Interesting

Your videos can’t just be informative – they need to be engaging, and to some extent, entertaining. Even the most boring subject can be made interesting with some unique dialog and visuals. Likewise, even the most interesting topic can be made boring with terrible dialog and lousy visuals. Make your videos fun to watch, no matter what the subject, and people will be more inclined to stick around and share.

Making the most of your video marketing strategy means utilizing every trick in the book to stand out. If you can do this successfully, you’ll be able to tap into the massive audience that makes video watching a normal part of their day. With some hard work and time, you can turn those videos into new customers.


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