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Preparing for a New WordPress Website

Wordpress began as a platform for bloggers but it has grown into one of the most popular website platforms for artists, business owners, writers and more.


Wordpress is easy to use, affordable (free, that is) and has a huge range of free plugins and themes available.  Small and large businesses around the world are using WordPress for their professional website needs.

Starting with WordPress is fortunately quite simple. But the following tips can help you prepare for what’s to come:

  1. Select a layout and color scheme. There are tens of thousands of themes available for WordPress. Many of them are free, but some of the nicer premium themes can cost a little money. Take your time to select a theme that is up-to-date, fits your brand image, and one that can be modified to use as you need it.
  2. Prepare for your content. Have an understanding of what kind of content you will be providing on your website. Most websites have standard pages like an About page, Contact page and business information pages. In addition you might decide to add some pages describing your products and services and a custom blog. Get this all laid out beforehand and at the least have a rough sketch of what you plan to add.
  3. Prepare for your blog post layout. Sketch out a plan for how your blog will look. What items do you want to have in your sidebar? Do you want to have categories, tags and archives? Look at some of the demo themes available and determine what you plan to include on your blog.
  4. Choose whether to use a sidebar or a full-page layout. Most blogs use a sidebar with categories, recent posts and other details. This can be excluded from other site pages that don’t need this sidebar to clear up the design for other important information. Get a rough idea of how you plan to use your sidebar on your new WordPress site.
  5. Decide on a designer. Will you be using a free theme, a paid theme or having a custom theme designed? If you can afford a custom theme, you’ll be able to take your WordPress site to the next level and control each aspect of the design to fit your branding. Most Web designers can work with existing premade themes and customize them to your liking as well. Figure out what changes need to be made and plan for how much work this might involve.

Wordpress has plenty of resources available and it can be overwhelming. Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for the journey just a little better.

Feel free to reach out to CyberOptik for help with your new WordPress website.

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