When you’re ready to get a website online, the first thing to consider is your domain name. Here are some excellent tips to help you decide on a domain name that will last you in the long-term.

1. Keep It Simple

Your domain name should be easy to remember. It’s usually best to keep it short, descriptive and avoid using extra words that just don’t apply or just aren’t necessary.

2. Don’t Rush It

Just like your business name, your domain name is important. Don’t rush it too much. Before you jump in and register your domain name, think about and bounce it off friends, colleagues and associates. Doing it right the first time is much better than having to start all over again in the future when you decide you made the wrong choice.

3. Avoid Hyphens and Repeated Letters

Hyphens can be acceptable in some cases, but as a general rule of thumb it’s best to avoid using them in your domain name. It’s one extra piece of information that you don’t want people to have to keep track of, and makes it harder to remember.

Additionally, having repeating letters/numbers in your domain name can lead to confusion and sometimes be unreadable.

4. Share It!

Before you make the final decision, share your ideas with friends and business associates. It always helps to have another set of eyes. But remember – when you ask for advice, you’re going to get it. Even if it’s a great idea, people will be inclined to find something to comment on because they’re trying to help. Take all the comments into consideration and work them into your decision-making process, but don’t take every single one to heart.

We hope these tips are helpful when coming up with your domain name!  If you would like us to help you brainstorm feel free to contact us.