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Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you hear about them everywhere and see them mentioned on commercials, billboards, fliers and websites. These are the big three when it comes to social networking and marketing. CyberOptik will help you establish yourself on these networks and leverage them to your advantage. Get in touch with us today!

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About Facebook

Facebook is the 600-pound gorilla in social networking with over 800 million users. 50% of those users log in each day. Facebook pages (Facebook profiles for businesses) have received over 5.4 billion fans.

About Twitter

Twitter is infamous for “tweets” – text-message-length updates for the world to see. With 100 million active users they must be doing something right – we’ll help you gain a following.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is unique among social networks. On LinkedIn there are many business professionals along with C-level executives, so you’re reaching a more sophisticated audience (115 million users).

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