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5 Essential Website Security Tricks

Hackers devote their lives to breaking your website. They often have more time to devote to discovering flaws in your website than you have time to devote to building your website! While there is always going to be some risk of being hacked when you have a popular website, there are some important steps you Read more ›

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Don’t Get Hacked: Web Hosting Security Essentials

Even with the best security on your website, you can still get hacked or compromised. While it’s essential to constantly update and scan your computer and server, there is always a risk, especially when using a shared hosting company. Keeping a secure network requires effort from you and your Web hosting company. It’s easy to Read more ›

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How to Avoid Catastrophe With Website Backups

Backing up your website regularly is an important protective measure. While it might seem like an unlikely scenario, there are many things that can go wrong on your web server to result in the total loss of your site’s data. From malware to hard disk failures to simple mistakes in server maintenance, your business website Read more ›

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What to Do If Your Website Gets Hacked

Websites get hacked every day – it cannot always be stopped.  Hackers use a number of sophisticated methods to access websites and they are Always trying.  If your website does become victim, it is important to know now only what to do but to also do it quickly. How Do I Tell If I’ve Been Read more ›

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PLEASE, Update Your Website

Taking care of your website is like taking care of a pet. You need to tend to it regularly, and shouldn’t commit to one unless you are willing to do that. One of the most impotrant requirements of website maintenance is simply updating your site refularly. Keeping your software up to date closes weaknesses and Read more ›

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