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Welcome to CyberOptik's Social Media Blog, where you'll find valuable tips and advice to help your business leverage the power of social media. Social media marketing is a big step away from the traditional marketing model. Social websites are an integral part of everyday life for a lot of people. When your business uses social media marketing effectively, it can be one of the best marketing tools in your toolkit.

Facebook Marketing: How the big Guys Are Doing It & So Can You

Facebook started as an application targeting college and university students to connect online with friends and classmates.  However, as Facebook grew in popularity, Mark Zuckerberg and team decided to open Facebook to the world and we’re sure it’s a decision their team has never regretted. Compared to its early days, Facebook has come a long Read more ›

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Social Media Marketing: Does Your Business Need It?

As a small business owner, I’m sure you have heard of buzz words such as social media marketing, Facebook marketing, and Google My Business…. but what do these buzzwords mean and do they have any significance for your business? Will engaging in social media marketing actually bring customers through your door? Let’s start with the Read more ›

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10 Ways to Grow Your Business With Google+

Google Plus is a social media site that lets users share photos, listen to music together, play games and meet up in chat. But it’s also becoming a useful tool for business owners to establish a presence with an ever-growing crowd of active social networking users. Google+ is now one of the best ways to Read more ›

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10 Ways You Can Grow Your Business With Pinterest

Pinterest has grown massively since its inception in 2012. Pinterest is a unique social media network that allows users to share “pins” of graphics and photographs that catch their interest. It’s a visuall oriented and extremely powerful way to spread images of your products and company culture. Pinterest can also play a powerful role in Read more ›

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10 Ways to Grow Your Business With Twitter

Local businesses have taken to social networking in droves to market, advertise and attract new customers. Twitter is a powerful platform for busy business owners to connect with a huge population of potential customers. Twitter lets your business “tweet” short updates in 140 characters or less and reach out to your fans, followers and prospects. Read more ›

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